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The town tennis court has its net back, and pickleball lines have been painted to make the court dual-use. The tennis court is at Lupton Park.

Saturday July 22, 2017

7:03a A change in the Fulcher Point project. Word is that Chris Fulcher called Town Hall Friday and pulled his request for a Special Use Permit for the outdoor boat wash pad that was to be part of his proposed trawler boatyard operation on Oriental’s harbor. It’s unclear yet whether that has been done officially in writing.

The SUP the Town Board granted last October for the wash down pad included a condition that a roof and ventilation system be installed at Fulcher’s harborside block building. That was cited as a way to contain the release of the paint dust sanded from the trawlers in the building and keep solvents from trawler paint jobs from polluting the harbor and air. Without the SUP those conditions may evaporate.

The Town does not require an SUP for the paint and sandblasting operation. That said, any painting and/or sandblasting would need to be done in a manner that was consistent with North Carolina law. Because of past sandblasting directly into the harbor (in violation of state law) there are more eyes and scrutiny on the Fulcher Point project.

Friday July 21, 2017

1:20p Seven names will be on the ballot in November’s Town Board elections. The 2-wk filing period ended today at noon. Vying for the 5 at-large seats will be incumbents Charlie Overcash. Allen Price and David White as well as J Martin Barrow, Greg Bohmert, Eric Dammeyer and Dianne Simmons.

Current commissioners Barb Venturi and Sandy Winfrey are not seeking re-election. Mayor Sally Belangia is alone on the ballot for her race. Election Day is November 7.

Thursday July 20, 2017

10:30a State Representative Michael Speciale is holding a Town Hall meeting tonight to share his perspective on the Legislature’s work this year. He’ll be taking questions.

This event has not been widely publicized – not even on Rep. Speciale’s websites – but we confirmed with his office that it is happening – 6:30-8p at the Pamlico County Courthouse.. (Not in the Courtroom but in the more intimate setting of the Commissioners’ Room.)

10:03a While today’s high of 90 may not be your idea of cool, it that could seem refreshing tomorrow and on through the weekend when temps get up to 95. Not great sleeping weather either. Lows near 80 in the Oriental Weather Forecast.

Tomorrow at noon is the deadline for getting on the ballot for this November’s Town Board election. All 5 seats are in play.

Yesterday, J. Martin Barrow became the 7th candidate to enter the race. He is also the fourth – along with Eric Dammeyer, incumbents Charlie Overcash and David White – from the Neuse Drive/Link Lane neighborhood to do so. Other candidates are incumbent Allen Price, Greg Bohmert and Dianne Simmons who, so far, is the only woman seeking a seat on the Town Board this year.


Wednesday July 19, 2017

8:39a Keeping track of the applications for the proposed Fulcher boatyard on the harbor is a task. The application into CAMA now has a new public comment period (as almost nobody knew about the first one). Here’s the story.

8:30a Don be gone. Tropical Storm Don has dissipated. Another letter in the alphabet checked off for the 2017 hurricane season.

A tropical wave is right behind what’s left of Don – now termed Invest 96. If it formed as a tropical storm it would be Emily. The term “invest” is sometimes confusing. In this use it doesn’t mean a hot IPO… it stands for Investigative Area. That’s an area where disturbed weather makes it likely that a tropical storm could form.

Tuesday July 18, 2017

10:50a CAMA has set a new public comment period on the Fulcher Point project.

August 14th is now the deadline to let CAMA know of any concerns or views as CAMA weighs a permit for Chris Fulcher’s proposed trawler Sandblasting/Painting operation on Oriental’s harbor. The Story, here.

10:22a Tropical Storm Don is east of the Windward Islands. Don’s forecast track will keep him near Central America… far from our shores.

Another storm may be brewing that could have a more northerly destination. Now Invest 96 – if it formed it would be storm Emily. It is early, but the early computer models have it on a classic through the Caribbean course heading towards Florida.

8:25a There’s a town election coming this November. There are five town commissioners and the mayor’s race too. To get elected in November, you have to file. That’s now… through July 21.

There is a “race” now for commissioner – that is now there are more candidates than positions open. Six have filed. They include incumbent commissioners Charlie Overcash, Allen Price and David White. Planning Board Chair Eric Dammeyer, Greg Bohmert and Dianne Simmons. Mayor Sally Belangia has also filed for another term.

You can still be on the ballot. Here’s how…

8:12a Temperate (high just near 80) & wet today. But look out for heat on the way… sunny & mid 90s coming late week and through the weekend.

Sunday July 16, 2017

8:11a Pretty good chance we get rained on today, particularly later this afternoon & evening. It might look like late yesterday afternoon – see the fine stormy view above.

Today Oriental celebrates a a favorite citizen who recently passed. Nol Engel. Carolyn Engel says, “We hope it to be a joyous, happy time for all and everyone is welcome.” The celebration of life will be Sunday, July 16 starting at 6p at their home on the Duck Pond. You’ll hear the Latin music Nol loved. Desserts welcomed.

Nol Engel
Young Nol
Saturday July 15, 2017

4:04p Too hot for vino? From Nautical Wheelers:

Dang, it’s hot outside. We are moving today’s wine tasting inside and adding a cold bottle of water to the complementary wine tasting. The tasting will run continuously til 5p so folks can drop in anytime.

1:49p Wine tasting today at Nautical Wheelers. Bill Wheeler writes in:

Today we have wines from Spain, Italy, Sonoma County and Macedonia. This is the 1st time tasting the Lovo “orange blossom” sparkling Moscato from Italy. It’s DOCG rated, perfect for a special celebration and will make you rethink what you think about Moscato. Wine tastings at 3 & 4pm.

It is warm. Ninety-four real degrees at this writing, and a heat index of 106. Cooler Sunday, but with it comes along rain.

Friday July 14, 2017

4:19p More CAMA news, all in one day. TownDock.net talked to CAMA today. We learned that CAMA had put an ad in the Legal section of The Pamlico News June 21st seeking public comment of Chris Fulcher’s application for a CAMA permit (for the boatyard on the harbor). It wasn’t run as a public notice – it was in with the legal stuff… those creditor, debtor & divorce notices.

This was news to Town Hall, too.

Town Manager Diane Miller says the town (as the adjacent property owner) hasn’t received notice from CAMA of completion of the application. They’re supposed to have. Miller stated the Town would fight “tooth and nail” if they were not allowed the proper notification and response time.

The ad request sent to Pamlico News states that comments received prior to July 15th will be considered. But the notice that appears in The Pamlico News is missing the July 15th deadline. Here is the ad request from CAMA (with the July 15 date).

CAMA Notice
Highlight and red arrow added by TownDock.net.

Town Manager Miller is calling CAMA to report the misprint as well as lodge a complaint re not receiving notification. Miller says the July 15th deadline will not be valid as CAMA has not actually provided legal notice yet.

3:20 The Planning Board Meeting report is up. Fulcher’s plans to create a boatyard on the harbor were at the forefront of the conversation.

11:58a Forecast update: hot. The high is around 90, but the heat index (feel’s like) pushes your happy July experience well above 100. 105 at this writing.

Shade & water are your friend.

Perhaps a beer too? Lili Bacon writes in:

Here’s what’s on tap at The New Village Taproom:

This weekend beers from Deep River Brewing Company out of Clayton, NC. On tap Backcountry Black IPA, the 4042 Chocolate Stout, the Twisted River Wit and the Mango Tango Foxtrot (“Juicy IPA”).

New Village Brewery (at Broad & Church streets across from Town Hall) is open from noon til 10p~ish today & Saturday. They don’t serve food, but welcome folks to bring food (from a local restaurant or wherever) along to enjoy with a beer.

6:12a Hot. So hot there’s a Heat Advisory in effect from 10a-6p. The Oriental Weather Forecast has us with a high of 91 as per the thermometer. On the Clam-o-meter, the heat index puts the high temp at 104.

No contest, so far in this November’s Town Board elections. In order to be on the ballot, candidates have to officially file in July. That 2 week filing period opened last Friday.

As of yesterday, 5 men had put their hats in the ring – incumbent commissioners Charlie Overcash, Allen Price and David White and Planning Board Chair Eric Dammeyer and Greg Bohmert. Mayor Sally Belangia has also filed for another term.

Wanna run? Here’s how…

Happy Bastille Day, vous-all.

Wednesday July 12, 2017

11:06a Chris Fulcher’s latest plans for a trawler maintenance facility on the harbor would put a retractable roof over the sandblasting-painting facility.

As TownDock reported yesterday that’d be a switch from the original plan for a fixed roof to contain pollutants such a blasted dust and solvents. In a Letter To The Editor this morning, Planning Board Chair Eric Dammeyer writes that the Board is open to public comment at this afternoon’s meeting.

10:10a It’s not on the agenda for this afternoon’s Planning Board meeting, but the Planning Board chairman says that there could still be discussion about Fulcher Point — Chris Fulcher’s proposed sandblasting-painting facility on Oriental’s Harbor. Eric Dammeyer’s letter to the editor a coming…