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Posted by: Mindy Schmitz from: Oriental, NC Phone: 252-249-2519
Found: Black and White male cat -- FOUND

**** FOUND *** - Kitty "sprout" is home - 50 hours and wasn't hungry so he must have found someone somewhere. Thanks so much and bless you if you are the person who brought him back to me! **** FOUND ****

I'm heartbroken. "Sprout" one of my 20 month old cats (his brother Coal is fine and wondering where he went) did not come home Wednesday morning (11/11). He went out after dinner Tuesday night and if he stays out he is always at the door waiting to come in at 6:00am. We've canvassed the neighborhood but he usually doesn't go that far. He has been known to jump into open cars.

The pic I'm posting is a kitten pic - he is now full grown and has markings like a black and white cow.

Posted by: Jean Martin from: Merritt, NC Phone: 252-671-1647
Found: Found Women's Clothing
On Mon. 10/19 I found a hanging wardrobe type box of ladies clothes, on hangers that had obviously fallen off of a truck, possibly while moving. The box was in the ditch but all of the clothes were in a pile which I picked up. This was on Hwy. 55 heading west between "Pickers" & Paul's Produce. Jean Martin (Florence/Whortonsville)252-671-1647

Posted by: Pat Thomaier from: Raleigh, NC Phone: 919-740-9739
Lost: The Other Earring
White gold hoop, about the size of a quarter. My "go to'" pair. Probably lost at the Chili Cook-off or along First St.

Too distracted by the chili.

Posted by: Pamlico Animal Welfare Society from: Oriental, NC Phone: 252-649-5504
Announcing: Free Spay/Neuter Clinic
FREE spay/neuter clinic for cats at the Oriental Clinic. First come first serve. Pamlico county residents only. Call 249-2775 for reservations

Posted by: Robert Lamberson from: Oriental, NC Phone: 252-249-2782
Found: Apple Ipad
Apple Ipad found on Horton Road near Oriental. Please call to I.D. & claim.

Posted by: Sally Belangia from: Oriental, NC Phone: 252-249-1462
Lost: Bicycle and Class Ring **Owners Found **
**Owners Found **

**Owners Found **
Someone has a left a bicycle at the bank. It has been 3 weeks. Also we found a class ring 1949 with a navy blue stone with United States Merchant Marine Academy on the ring.

Posted by: Carol Coulter from: Oriental, NC Phone: 252-670-2976
Lost: LOST - Large kid's floating island/pool
The high water snatched our kid's floating island and sent it north up the river. It's about 8' X 8' and blue and white. Now I'm learning how to tie a bowline.

If seen please contact me 252-670-2976.

Posted by: Eileen White from: Oriental , NC Phone: 252-249-0039
Found: Paddle board found on banks of Neuse River
Found a paddle board on banks of Neuse River in Oriental. If you lost one please call to describe. 252-249-0039

Posted by: David Pugh from: Oriental, NC Phone: 252-670-0088
Found: Found boat cushion in broad creek Saturday
Boat cushion found in water on Broad Creek. Measures approx. 18x36x4, in very good shape. I'm sure whoever owns it would love to have it back. Call Dave @ 670-0088 and tell me what color it is and it's yours.

Posted by: Hermina Friedmann from: Oriental, NC Phone: 770-573-0096
Found: Young Cat Found
A young white cat with light orange/brown markings on back and tail has decided to inhabit our property. Has a flea collar. We cannot keep this cat due to asthma. Cat appears very friendly and used to being taken care of. Please call 770-573-0096

Posted by: Marsha Sanders from: Maribel, NC Phone: 252-692-0009
Lost: Tabby, New To Area, Lost Near 304
9-year old tabby missing since July near Mesic and Maribel. "Chance" is a declawed male, last seen wearing a camo collar. Very friendly, will go up to anyone. Cat and owners new to area and cat is not familiar with the territory. He is missed. If you see a tabby wandering between Bayboro and the upper reaches of 304, please call Marsha at 692-0009.

Posted by: Lynn Peacock from: Minnesott Beach, NC Phone: 404-323-0113
Found: Male Cocker Spaniel
Small male Cocker (or Clumber) Spaniel found at corner of Bennett Road and Hwy 306. He has a red collar and 2014 rabies tag. Vet office said that the owner has moved to CA. He is adorable and well groomed so hoping his new owners can be found. Please call 404-323-0113 or 202-460-1241 if you have any information about the dog or his owners. Pamlico Animal Control will be picking him up tomorrow.

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