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Posted by: Georgie Roberson from: Oriental, NC Phone: 252-670-8975
Lost: 2 Black Lab Mixes: Meiko & Sally

2 black lab mix dogs made their 'great escape' out of our fenced-in porch this morning to go on an adventure.. Meiko & Sally.

Please call if any news on their whereabouts (252)670-8975

Thank you!

Posted by: Penelope Monell from: Oriental, NC Phone: 252-249-1453
Found: Drone Found Near Teaches Cove Rd Oriental
A drone has been found, near Teaches Cove Rd Oriental.

Call 252-249-1453.

Posted by: Wendy Carpenter from: Oriental, NC Phone: 252-288-1248
Lost: Lost Siamese Kitten Oriental
My Kitten is blind in 1 eye and has been missing a few days from my home on Hwy 55 near Kershaw Road In Oriental.

She is Siamese and very small. Her name is Precious.

Posted by: Laura Swain / Jim Jelsone from: Oriental, NC Phone: 586-856-7596
Lost: White dog lost on Hodges Street - FOUND

* * FOUND * *
My Family brought our dog, Ryder, to the Oriental parade on July 1st and he got spooked from the noise and ran into the town of Oriental. Please help us locate him.

He is almost white with a very light blotch of tan on his right side, a black nose and his name is Ryder.

Posted by: Jim Nelson from: Oriental, NC Phone: 516-993-4342
Lost: Lost Wedding Ring
Lost wedding ring; gold strand "turks head" pattern, made by AG Correa.

Lost around marina, restaurant, docks on 6/28. call (917)204-3717

Posted by: Donna Creech from: Oriental, NC Phone: 252-249-2777
Found: Set of Keys found
6-15-17 set of keys found in middle of Ragin Lane at Hwy 55. Call to identify: 252-249-2777

Posted by: Oriental Village Veterinary Hospital from: Oriental, NC Phone: 252-249-2149
Found: Free Kitten to Good Forever Home: Kitten is in her new Home.

Female calico 7 week old kitten, super friendly, healthy, and adorable is free to a good, caring, loving Forever Home. Kitten was found under a porch.
Is currently being held at the Oriental Village Veterinary Hospital at 407 Broad Street.
Please open your hearts and home to this kitten. Call 252-249-2149.
NOTE: Cost of having this kitten spayed has been paid for through a donation to Oriental Village Veterinary Hospital.

Posted by: Carol Ann from: Oriental, NC Phone: 252-670-5625
Found: Dog Finds Glasses
Pair of eyeglasses were found at intersection of Whittaker Point Road and Seafarer in Oriental.

Please call 252-670-5625 if you believe they are yours.

Posted by: Jere Licciardello from: Oriental, NC Phone: 423-715-9820
Announcing: White Husky without collar runaway
dog found

Posted by: Karen Meyer from: Oriental, NC Phone: 252-249-0129
Announcing: Kittens for adoption
8 weeks old and liter trained. Four are dark tabbies and one is a yellow tabby. They all need a good home. Please call during the day.

Posted by: Sheri Hale from: Oriental, NC Phone: 252-617-5829
Lost: Sophi: black lab missing
Black lab puppy with white chest and back hind paws lost in the Oriental area. Her name is Sophie. Call Sheri at 617-5829 or Josh at 649-4749 if you see her. Thanks!

Posted by: Steve Leech from: Oriental, NC Phone: 252-269-3403
Lost: CANE Lost in Oriental
Cane lost off back of truck in the Hodges St / Broad St area. Dark brown with initials SLL engraved just below the handle. Recovering from surgery, so it's important to me to get it back.

Thanks so much for your help! * FOUND * Thank you!

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