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Posted by: Rick Diecke from: Oriental, NC Phone: 919-270-8801
Lost: Fly rod and reel
Was going thru my fishing gear and discovered I was missing a fly rod and reel. Believe the last time I used it was on Pierce Creek docks, could have been left on the side of the road on Sandpiper. If you found it I would appreciate you contacting me, I can identify rod and reel. Reward will be given. Thank you.

Posted by: Joe Mattea from: Oriental, NC Phone: 252-249-1191
Found: Santas Elf Located & Mitten Returned

Update- As luck would have it, one of Santa's helpers, a nice gal who moved here from western PA (and a new Mildred Street neighbor) claimed the mitten for her grandson who was visiting. She relayed to me that Santa wasn't buying my assessment of my behavior during 2017. Further, he said my being born and raised in WV, I should recognize the lump of coal he has for my stocking as being a better than average grade. (...sigh...)

With Christmas so close, we can't have one of Santa's elves going around with just one mitten. The tiny red mitten for a right hand was found in Lou Mac Park.

PS- Contact me, Santa! BTW...I’ve been a very good boy this year...

Posted by: Ashton Stevenson from: Oriental, NC Phone: 919-417-6624
Found: Found Black and White Kitten
This morning while at work we found a black and white kitten outside near the road. We were able to capture it. It is currently being held in Oriental, NC at the vet. We are looking for a forever home for this kitten. Not sure of the gender or exactly how old the kitten is yet. If anyone is interested in adopting this kitten please let me know.

Posted by: Knute Bysheim from: Oriental, NC Phone: 252-670-3759
Lost: Lost blue deck boat cushion near Deaton's

Lost dark blue deck boat cushion lost in Whittaker Creek. About 4 foot by 4 foot (curved on one side)lost near Deaton's yacht service. It matches the cushion in the photo. If found please call, thank you!

Posted by: Veronica Viada from: Oriental, NC Phone: 774-487-0888
Announcing: Puppies Need Homes

We rescued a dog to find out she was having puppies. Two have been placed but we still need homes for seven more! They are 8 weeks old and ready to go. They have been dewormed and are healthy and beautiful. Please help, we cannot keep them. Call for info

Posted by: Oriental Village Veterinary Hospital from: Oriental, NC Phone: 252-249-2149
Announcing: Free Kitten needs a forever home

This 6 week old Female kitten is free to a good home. She has been test and is negative for feline leukemia and aids. If interested please call Oriental Village Veterinary Hospital at (252) 249-2149.

Posted by: Andrea Lee Bayard from: Oriental, NC Phone: 252-249-1041
Found: Desperately need a good home for stray cat
I previously posted that we found a cat. She needs a good home.

So friendly. Loves our dog. Please give her a home!

Posted by: Andrea Lee Bayard from: Oriental, NC Phone: 252-249-1041
Found: Found dark gray/brown fuzzy small cat
Very friendly. Likes dogs. We are sure he belongs to someone! May be a cat from a house off of Peninsula Drive.

Posted by: Inland Waterway Provision Co from: Oriental, NC Phone: 252-249-1797
Lost: Missing Bicycle

Have you seen this bike around the village? If so please let the folks at IWPC know where. It was loaned out about a month ago.

Our loanee must have forgotten where he picked it up.
We would like it back. The Fall cruising season is now here and folks like to use good strong bikes, particularly with baskets.

There may even be a reward to the person who returns it.

Posted by: Elizabeth Harris from: Oriental, N Phone: 675-9343callison
Lost: Missing Blue tick
Blue tick hound ran away from home October 6. Large female with orange collar and big floppy ears. Please call 252-675-9343 if you have seen her or found her.

Posted by: Cathy & Bill Cresswell from: Minnesott Beach, NC Phone: 252-249-0149
Lost: Found: (Lost: male Walker Hound (Minnesott/Arapahoe area)
Found! Cathy and Bill would like to thank neighbors, friends, vets, and TownDock for their help and concern. Owen found his way home at his dinner time.

Owen is a 70 lb. neutered male Walker Hound. He is tricolor with some black and red ticking. Somewhat shy, but very friendly. He escaped without his collar. He is chipped. Please call Bill or Cathy, 252-249-0148 or 410-598-6457 if you see him.

Posted by: Oriental Village Veterinary Hospital from: Oriental, NC Phone: 2522492149
Found: Found Dog In Oriental Near Styron Town Beach.
Small male dog was found around the Styron Town Beach area. The dog is currently staying with the person who found him but would like to find the owner. If you know who this sweet friendly dog belongs to, call Oriental Village Veterinary Hospital at (252) 249-2149.

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