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Coming Events in Oriental and in and near Pamlico County

  • February’s Friday Flick is Don Juan DeMarco – and will be playing on February 17 2017 at Oriental’s Old Theater. The 1995 movie stars Johnny Depp as a young man who takes himself to be Don Juan and Marlon Brando as the psychiatrist who tries to cure him of that delusion. Tickets are $5.50 and go on sale when the box office opens at 6:30p. Popcorn’s free. Showtime is 7:30p. Film will be preceded by another installment in the Flash Gordon series and a cartoon. All proceeds go to benefit the Old Theater.

    Friday Flicks generally roll on the 3rd Friday of the month. Upcoming: El Dorado – Mar 17. Hitchcock’s The Birds – April 14. Blast From the Past – May 19

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