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Coming Events in Oriental and in and near Pamlico County

  • Should beer and wine be served at events at Town Hall? A change to the Town’s ordinance has been written up, and could become effective immediately at tonight’s 3/7/17 Town Board meeting at 7p In 2013, another Town Board rejected a similar proposal over concerns about dram laws and the Town’s liability in drunk driving cases. There’s been little public mention of reviving the idea until last Friday, in a draft agenda for tonight’s meeting.

    Also on the agenda, an item titled,Revision of Fulcher Point design. In October, the Board approved a Special Use Permit for the controversial plan by Chris Fulcher to set up a trawler painting and maintenance facility, upwind of town, on the southern arm of Oriental’s harbor. The site of the outdoor washdown area has since moved further away from the harbor but to within the setback of an adjacent property, also in the Fulcher family. The Town Manager says that is not grounds to reopen the SUP process.

    Town Board meetings take place at Town Hall and are open to the public. There is a public comment period at the beginning of the meeting.

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