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2011 Oriental Boat Show
Winds Hit But Show Goes On
April 22, 2011
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ailors, as a rule, hope for wind. Boat shows do not. Case in point was the Third Annual Oriental Boat Show at Pecan Grove Marina last weekend.

Tents that wanted to be sails on Day Two of this year’s Oriental Boat Show. Rotary Club members took down tents on Saturday as winds started gusting in the mid-to-upper 40Mph range. The middle day of the boat show was cut short but was followed by a sunny day for Sunday.

Saturday, the middle day of the three day show, brought rough weather and gusts in the upper 40’s. While they didn’t reach the tornadic conditions that devastated other parts of NC Saturday, the winds did take their toll, closing the show a few hours earlier than scheduled on Saturday.

In-water boats at the Oriental Boat Show.

The weather conditions put a serious crimp in attendance figures. Boat show coordinator Sam Myers says that over the course of the three-day show, 925 people came through the gate, compared with the 1500 or so who attended last year’s. Saturday is usually the big day for attendance and the threat of rain along with gale force winds kept people away.

Marlinspike for four hands. Ross Pease led seminars on Saturday and Sunday.
Marine Consignment of Oriental’s road show.

GIven all that, says Myers, the Boat Show “did far better than expected,” raising over $9,000. There were boats sold or had offers made during the show. For those who attended the show during the calmer conditions on Friday and Sunday, there were boats and boat bits to see, and seminars covering a range of subjects such as marlinspike, first aid, rigging and flares. The smaller group who ventured out on that gusty Saturday, were left with some enduring reminders about the force of wind power.

Sam Myers, the Rotarian who organized the Boat Show. Sam got volunteers to obey… but not the weather.
Kathy Brugett of the Pamlico Coastal Activities Council which was raffling off the hand-made boat. PCAC raises funds to help promote outdoor activities in the county.
Rika, the canine part of the sales force at St. Barts, works the docks.

More scenes from the boat show weekend – click here.

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Posted Friday April 22, 2011 by Melinda Penkava

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