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2016 Oriental Dragon Boat Races at River Dunes
7th Annual Festival
August 16, 2016
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perennial drummer
A perennial drummer in Oriental year after year, 90 year old Fran Deaton Bennett, has taken part in every Oriental Dragon Boat race.
dragon boat race Between heats
Between heats, rowers found shade — and sometimes even a breeze — under the tents.
dragon boat race spectators
The edge of Grace Harbor was lined with tents for the teams. Some paddlers sought more than shade to cool off between races.
dragon boat race hosed down
The hose was used not for a wet-t-shirt contest but as a cooling tool.
dragon boat race muster
The River Dunes team answers the call to muster for the next heat.
dragon boat race Savoring
One of the winning Marine team.

Click here for the final standings

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Posted Tuesday August 16, 2016 by Ben Casey

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