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Chili Cookoff 2016
Hot Chili Raises $3K For Old Theater Roof
October 26, 2016
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chili cookoff 2016
In listing ingredients by FDA rules, beans would have been #1 for this sample.
chili cookoff 2016
This lad at the Oriental Food Initiative found blinding flames and light radiating from their chili. He used protective eye-ware to finish tasting their product. It was later learned that the flare he encountered was light bouncing off the raisins in their recipe. When queried what their chili had that none other probably included, they responded, “It’s what ours doesn’t have – meat.”
chili cookoff 2016
Triton Yachts chefs sport matching head gear.

Ed Bailey and the chefs from Neuse Sailing Association received the memo about proper fedoras for the festival.
Dan Reinecke.

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Posted Wednesday October 26, 2016 by Ben Casey

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