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Friends Of The Dragon 2018
Oriental's Dragon Shouldn't Be Homeless
December 18, 2017

he New Years Eve Dragon is waiting. It’s what he does. He has one big night on the town. The Dragon dreams of Dec 31st. Thousands wait for him on Hodges. Adoring women, the happy crowd, the cheers, the drums… the chime of wooden spoons on tin pans.

While he waits, he deserves appropriate accommodations for a Dragon of his social standing.

The Dragon has called quite a few places home, some better protected than others. A few years ago he got a new home – his own 10 × 10 storage unit at Village Mini Storage on Broad Street. It keeps him dry and ready. It is funded through the generosity of folks like you, who become Patrons Of The Dragon.

The Dragon is hoping to keep his home.

That storage unit costs $495 a year. That is divided up 24 ways. That’s $495 / 24 = $20.63.

A handsome dragon grin.
He waits for the adoring crowds.
Become A Dragon Patron
All The 2018 Dragon Slots are filled – Thank you!

Month Dragon Patrons For 2018
January 2018 Sea Harbour Yacht Club
  Lee and Diane Barham
February 2018 TownDock.net ✓
  Mary & Andy Anton
March 2018 Village Hardware
  Maureen K. Anderson
April 2018 Jean & David White
  George & Sherri Hommé
May 2018 Dave and Carol Wright
  Tom & Cynthia Cochran
June 2018 Ken Laser & Wendy Osserman
  Scott and Donna Warhover
July 2018 Bernie Harberts and Julia Carpenter
  Bill and Lynn Hines
August 2018 Don and Kathie Mau
  Doug Sligh and Mary Ann Parham
September 2018 Calvin Guthrie
  Dan Bartley
October 2018 Elaine Creel, in memory of Bill Creel
  Roger & Leslie Hammer
November 2018 Catherine Hackett and Ron Hoffman
  Stan and Ellen Aeschleman
December 2018 Sharon Jacobs
  Village Mini Storage ✓

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Posted Monday December 18, 2017 by Keith N. Smith

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