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Scenes Of The Snow
Third Fall In As Many Weeks Covers Oriental
February 11, 2014
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snow feb 2014 flamingo del rio
A pink flamingo on the verge of turning blue, in a yard on Hwy 55 outside Oriental.Photo: Jennifer Del Rio..
snow dammeyer boat
A boat on an Oriental creek Tuesday morning as the snow began to accumulate. By sunset it was covered. Photo: Debra Dammeyer..
snow pierce creek boat ramp jim barton
Boat ramp at Pierce Creek’s fork makes for a dicey and icy poposition after the winter storm. Photo: Jim Barton..
snow feb 2014 drainpipe rainbarrel frozen jim barton
Low flow might be expected from this rain barrel for a few days.Photo: Jim Barton..
snow feb 2014 del rio red glass fulcher horse farm
On Hwy 55 outside of Oriental, yard art and the Fulcher horse farm. Photo: Jennifer Del Rio..
Edge of the mainland. The Neuse River as seen from Frank and Jennifer Roe’s home on South Avenue in Oriental. Photo: Frank Roe.
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Posted Tuesday February 11, 2014 by Melinda Penkava

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