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Polar Bear Not Spotted In Harbor | March 21, 2018

This polar bear was not spotted in the harbor today. It is cold though. A brutal change from yesterday… high just upper 40s.

Collegiate Sail Training On Greens Creek | March 20, 2018

Last week four colleges were in Oriental for spring break training. This is sailing an FJ to its limits. Thanks to Matt McCotter who got these photos on a windy day… so windy the training was confined to Greens Creek. (click image for the big view and more photos)

Pet Parader Cringes | March 19, 2018

Oh, the humiliation. A canine Pet Parader, with mixed enthusiasm. The 2018 PAWS Pet Parade is this Saturday March 24.

Stonehenge Lou Mac | March 18, 2018

Stonehenge @ Lou Mac. Spotted in the rip rap adjacent to Lou Mac Park.

Chowder CookOff Today | March 17, 2018

The annual Chowder Cookoff is today. Ten bucks and you get to sample the finest chowders served up by local chefs.
OK, you get served in small plastic bowls. If you need ceramic charm as above, bring a bowl.

Waking Ned Devine Tonight @ Old Theater | March 16, 2018

Waking Ned Devine… 7:30p tonight @ The Old Theater. Tix just 6 bucks. That includes yer popcorn, laddy.

Morning Sailors | March 16, 2018

Day five of training for visiting college sailing teams in Oriental. Different Universities are rotating through all month. See more scenes from this week’s students (Click here for the bigger picture and more)

Pollen Cones | March 15, 2018

Clusters on a Link Lane pine tree seemed about to burst a few days ago. The male cones on pine trees are a major source of the pollen dusting that early spring brings. The “wearing of the green” may be Saturday but greenish yellow is the prevailing color of the season. (Click on image to enlarge, see more.)

2017 SailPack Regatta: FJ Sails | March 14, 2018

Scenes from last year’s SailPack Regatta: FJs on the water. This is the fourth year of the collegiate race, hosted by NC State University. This week there are over 40 college students from 4 universities training in Oriental, some for the SailPack Regatta on March 30 – April 1.

Capt. Cecil at Garland Fulcher Docks | March 14, 2018

The trawler Capt. Cecil at the Garland Fulcher docks.

HarborCam ~ All Sunshine | March 13, 2018


Ice On The Docks | March 13, 2018

Roads are not icy this morning, but docks & porches are. Here are boards on the town dock… (click pic for a bigger view and more)

High Water Monday | March 12, 2018

North & Northeast winds have water levels up today. Tonight winds will shift to coming from the northwest… which should have the opposite effect.

Zeus Seeks Affirmation | March 11, 2018

Zeus calmly gets affirmation. Zeus is the new Pet Of The Month – Mr March.

Spring Forward 2018 | March 11, 2018

We’re going into daylight “savings time”. Hey. Where are the savings?
There’s a reason you feel tired. An entire hour is missing. Bunky, we’ve been tricked… again.
We spring forward an hour into daylight savings time for 2018.
Sail Flaked - Corsair 24 | March 10, 2018

A mainsail flaked… a sight somewhat less seen in a roller furler~ed world. It’s the mainsail on a visiting trimaran at the town dock.

Oriental Dinghy Dock | March 9, 2018

View of the anchorage from Oriental’s Dinghy Dock

877th Harbor Sunrise | March 8, 2018

Another day, another sunrise. The 877th Harbor Sunrise on TownDock.net, give or take a hundred. Morning light, visiting and local boats; it never gets old.

Jellyfish in the Harbor in March | March 7, 2018

March water temperatures did not stop several jellyfish from congregating in the harbor this morning. (Click for a bigger view & a top-down look)

Zeus - Mr. March 2018 | March 6, 2018

Zeus is pet that loves sailing and, in his home state of Ohio, made visits as a hospital therapy dog. He gives Rottweilers a good name and that is why he’s Pet of the Month’s Mr. March. Story coming.