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A Boat Named Ignite | April 22, 2018

We appreciate an uncommon boat name. This morning delivered one – tied up to the town dock. MV “Ignite” is a 1973 wood Huckins 40. (click for the big view and more)

Raindrop Ridge Farm Herbs at The Farmers' Market | April 21, 2018

Every spring Dorita Boyd visits the Oriental Farmers’ Market for the annual herb sale. It’s this morning on Hodges Street. Dorita is with Raindrop Ridge Farm near Bath, NC.

Oar Lock from the Boat Show | April 20, 2018

Some small bits and pieces just stand out. This oar lock was on a boat in the Wooden Boat Exhibition in this past weekend’s Boat Show. You can see all the pictures here.

Bikes at the Town Dock | April 19, 2018

Briney Bug, a wooden boat at the town docks, brought a few passengers and couple of salty bikes. Click for the bigger view and a closer look at all.

Love on the Foredeck | April 18, 2018

Love on the foredeck. Click the pic to see more of the Prinses Mia from the dock in Oriental’s harbor.

Heber and Ian Build a Boat | April 16, 2018

Every year at the Oriental Boat Show, Heber Guthrie completes a boat in just three days. Now, you can watch it happen in under 2 minutes. Give it a click…

Heber & Ian -The Skiff Builders | April 15, 2018

A satisfied look from the skiff builders – Heber Guthrie and Ian Brice. Ian is eleven years old. Heber somewhat older. Together they completed a 17 ft wood (juniper) skiff at the boat show.

Coast Guard at the Boat Show 2018 | April 15, 2018

Heading out? This is one way to leave the Coast Guard’s 45ft RB-M (that’s Response Boat Medium). The US Coast Guard Response Team from Hobucken was at The Oriental Boat Show. Click for the bigger picture, a view from the outside, and to see how they get around – courtesy of Rolls Royce.

Wooden Boat Exhibition | April 14, 2018

The Boat Show has a Wooden Boat Exhibition, dedicated to boats made mostly of organic stuff. It’s on the hard in front of O’Town. There’s old boats, new boats, finished boats, and row boats. People get to vote for their favorite wooden boat. Click for the big picture and another view.

1942 Chris Craft | April 14, 2018

Part of the Oriental Boat Show is the Wooden Boat Exhibition. Early Saturday morning dew surrounds the nav light on the foredeck of a 1942 Chris Craft. It is part of the wood boat row at the show.

Boat Show Friday 2018 | April 13, 2018

The Oriental Boat Show is underway this weekend until Sunday. The Nautical Flea Market on New St. features boats and a giant Rooster. Click for the bigger picture and more from the boat show.

Heber Guthrie Building | April 13, 2018

Heber Guthrie starts and completes building a boat at the Oriental Boat Show. This is Heber working on a power skiff at the 2017 show. He’ll be building a skiff again this weekend – and there is a Rotary run raffle where you can win it.

Keith Bruno's Fishing Report | April 12, 2018

Keith Bruno, at Endurance Seafood. TownDock.net is now doing fishing reports, checking in with local fishermen who know the waters. This week we sat down on the docks with Keith Bruno and talked fishing:

Fender Technique | April 12, 2018

Fender technique. The ball / fender combo. Fine docking at the town dock…

Chain on the SV Skinnydipper | April 11, 2018

An anchor chain coiled on the bow of SV Skinnydipper, a 37’ Meadowlark sharpie. Click for the bigger picture and a top-down view.

Three cats at the Town Docks | April 10, 2018

Three cats are at the Town Docks. A self-built Wharram multihull named Sam Plait sailed in yesterday and is at the second town dock. Click for the bigger picture and two more at the Town Docks.

Duck Pond Dragon, Still April Morning | April 9, 2018

The Duck Pond Dragon, on duty since 2004.

Contrasting Helms | April 8, 2018

At next weekend’s boat show, you get to check out vessels both grand and humble. Here (from a previous boat show) is the helm of an over 50 ft motor yacht. (click image for the big view and more helms)

Radar - Mid Atlantic | April 8, 2018

The rain is departing… sunny this afternoon & mid 50s.

Low Water Sharpie | April 7, 2018

A visiting sharpie (complete with leeboards) at the town dock. Just the boat for Saturday morning’s low water levels. Those levels will be rising… high north winds forecast for later today.