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Lots of boats come to Oriental, some tie up at the Town Dock for a night or two, others drop anchor in the harbor for a while. If you've spent any time on the water you know that every boat has a story. The Shipping News on TownDock.net brings you the stories of the boats that have visited recently.

Prinses Mia
The Not Normal Voyager
November 26, 2013
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During his visit, Martijn and a few friends went for a sunset sail. The winds were light. It was a brisk afternoon with temperatures just above freezing – warm enough to use Prinses Mia’s wood stove. Moments after leaving the dock, he turned off his engine and proceeded out of Oriental’s harbor under sail.

princes mia sail anchorage
Under canvas alone, Princes Mia ghosts past one of the long term anchorage residents. She proceeds out on to the Neuse River….
princes mia sail anchorage
…where Martijn hoists the mainsail. Soon she is sailing at 7 knots. As the sun sets, the western sky illuminates the steel vessel, lighting up….
princes mia sail anchorage
…the anchor windlass. With night falling, Princess Mia makes her way through the darkness with Martijn steering..
princes mia sail anchorage
…from inside the pilothouse.
princes mia sail anchorage

Martijn wants to spend a few more days in Oriental. He still hopes to find an engine with a taste for fryer oil. If he finds nothing and a favorable weather window presents itself, he plans to sail back to Bermuda.

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Posted Tuesday November 26, 2013 by Bernie Harberts

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