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It's Saturday July 20, 2019 Dock Quote: “Life is short,...

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Mister July 2019 - Baloo:

A new name & a new life. Pet Of The Month

SV Seraphina Dismasted:

8 crew aboard, 2 masts go down, no one gets hurt. The Story

Croaker Festival 2019:

Marines, Firemen, Tractors, & a Funnel Cake. The Story

Croaker Festival Regatta 2019:

FJs and Sunfish at Croaker Fest. The Story

Town Board Meeting July 2019:

Paving update, audits completed. The Story

Mister June 2019 - Titan:

From pound dog to yachtsman. Pet Of The Month

Amron Takes Her Leave:

Elvis has left the building. The Story

Hope Regala Raises Record Amount for Clinic with a Mission:

Over $140k raised to help those in need. The Story

Birds in the Boom:

A nest is inadvertently launched. The Story

New Generator Installed at Town Hall:

Emergency power by crane. The Story

Ol' Front Porch Music Festival Quilt:

Mysterious quilt up for bid. The Story

Town Board Meeting June 2019:

A new budget, curbing & gutter, Cycle NC. The Story

S/V Misto Circumnavigates:

Around the globe in 2 1/2 years. The Shipping News

Dancing at Silospalooza 2019:

7 years of pizza, live music, and dancing. The Story

Gypsea Stories: Prinses Mia:

Video Aboard the Prinses Mia with Martijn. The Story

Aircraft Crash near Cherry Branch Ferry:

Marine Corps responds. The Story

Town Board Meeting May 2019:

Vehicle awarded, public hearings set. The Story

Treasures for Sale at the 2019 Town Wide Yard Sale:

Shark suits and sewing machines. The Story

Janet Adkins, 1928-2019:

A life filled with art. The Story

MV Sea Glass:

Pushing the limits. The Shipping News

Duck Pond Dragon Returns Post-Florence:

An Oriental icon restored. The Story

2019 Oriental In-Water Boat Show:

Power boats, coastal cruisers, and an electric boat. The Story

2019 Sailpack Regatta:

Hosts NC State win first place. The Story

Judi Heit, 1948 - 2019:

Dedicated to Oriental & The Old Theater. The Story

2019 SailPack Regatta April 12-14:

Coach Dana Magliola on the 2019 SailPack Regatta . Guest Columnist

Mr. & Miss April 2019 - Buddy & Lily:

They chose each other. Pet Of The Month

Town Board Meeting April 2019:

Waterline work begins, CycleNC returns, Board responds to NCDOT. The Story

2019 PAWS Pet Parade:

Over 200 paws hit the pavement for the pet parade. The Story

Steve Chard: Kayaking the Great Loop:

"It's the best kind of idiocy.". The Shipping News

Way Down Wanderers Headline 2019 Ol' Front Porch Music Festival:

21 Performers Invade The Porches Of Oriental. The Story

Town Board Meeting March 2019:

Board asks Cycle NC for cooperation, repair contracts to be awarded. The Story

2019 Chowder Cook-Off :

Toucan's Clam Chowder Takes 1st Place. The Story

Hwy 55 Bridge Replacement Plans Raise Safety & Economic Concerns:

Town, County officials meet with NCDOT. The Story

Lois Moye, NC School Hero Contender:

Help Pamlico High Math Teacher win $10,000 for her school. The Story

A Wedding on the Dock:

Adventurers marry on the town dock. The Story

Landing A Harrier On The Mall:

Captain John Rahm Tells The Story. Guest Columnist

Rainbow Farm:

Childhood Story Returns as a Children's Book. The Story

Chinese New Year 2019 - Year of the Pig:

A pig and a dragon meet on Hodges St.. The Story

It’s getting near the peak of shrimp season. These large ones are at Garland Fulcher Seafood on Hodges St.

Saturday July 20, 2019

2:55p The actual temperature (not the heat index) peaked at 98 less than an hour ago. But it’s going down – we’re now down to a chill 94.

Oh, and that heat index. It hit 114. It’s just 110 now.

2:07p There is an AWOL Emu wandering Dolphin Point (at least there was this morning – scroll down to see.) It looks kinda scruffy, but we don’t get sent many Emu photos. Several TownDock readers have pointed out there is a NY Times story about an AWOL Emu in Orange County – the story is titled Elusive Emu Remains at Large in North Carolina After More Than Three Weeks.

It’s most unlikely to be the same walking bird, although an Emu can run at 30mph. If it lays an egg, you can make a serious omelet. An Emu egg weighs two pounds.

12:42p Our small town has happenings today. Over 400 folks have signed up to attend Deaton Yacht Service’s 40th Anniversary Celebration today… it’s from 4 til 8p. With all those folks coming in, please consider leaving the car at home (if you can) and come by foot or bicycle.

At New Village Brewery tonight blues guitarist Mojo Collins plays 6 til 8p.

11:10a As part of Deaton Yacht Service’s 40th Anniversary, they’ve started a raffle. It’s a special raffle to help fund the Whittaker Creek dredging project. Tickets $5 – and the winner gets $1,000 of service and or parts at Deaton Yacht Service. Ticket sales will run thru August 30st of 2019 – drawing September 3. All proceeds go to the dredging fund.
raffleIf you want to buy a ticket at this afternoon’s celebration/party – bring a $5 bill so they don’t have to make change. That’s the one with Abe on it.

8:24a The Farmers’ Market has more vendors than usual this morning. Fresh vegetables, honey, eggs… plus some woodwork and a wreath purveyor. It’s all on Hodges Street a few steps from the harbor:

7:21a Lost dogs & cats are frequent. But here’s a new one. From reader Jean Jerger:

Anyone missing an emu? This one was in our driveway this morning over in Dolphin Point!
missing emu

Friday July 19, 2019

6:14p It reached 97 this afternoon, and that heat index was near 110. The afternoon breeze (over 20 mph at times) helped make it feel not so bad.

Saturday brings more heat in the forecast – but there will again be that southwest breeze.

12:04p You look warm. A cool drink will help… like fresh lemonade. This team can help:
lemonade stand
It’s the Hawkins children’s Lemonade stand and bake sale – right now at 1214 Lupton Dr (near Sailcraft Service.) Your lemonade entrepreneurs are CJ, Sofie and Avery Hawkins. Lemonade is $1 – it includes a fresh lemon slice.

11:01a It’s hot out. Turns out it’s hot in too – at Town Hall. From Town Manager Diane Miller:

Our A/C is out- we’re staying open as long as we can- repairman inbound, at 90(inside), we’re closing down.
Outside, it’s 92 now… heat index at 104.

9:53a Mari’s Hella Fat Food Truck is running a tad late – but they’ll be serving starting at 1:30p today at the brewery.

9:42a Have you done your RSVP for the Deaton Yacht Service 40th anniversary party party Saturday? Word is there are already 400 folks who have. You’re invited too.

Check out the photos above for some Deaton’s history.

High today near 90, but more of those brutal heat index numbers forecast. Might feel like a clammy 107.

Thursday July 18, 2019

10:28a The words Low Country Boil can get your hungry attention. There’s one coming up… and it’s for a cause.

Pamlico Partnership for Children holds a Low Country Boil, September 13 @ 6p at Whittaker Pointe Marina. A Boiling Good Time is a fundraiser for Pamlico Partnership, a non-profit that provides hurricane relief, family intervention and outreach programs, and early childhood education in Pamlico County. Your dinner will be accompanied by live tunes from Bryan Mayer.

Tickets for the dinner are $30. Pamlico Partnership for Children is also seeking Sponsorships & donors. Click here to purchase tickets. For more info call 252-745-7850

8:33a Registration to run for elected office in Oriental ends tomorrow. All 5 commissioner seats and the mayoral seat come up for election every 2 years.

The following have submitted their Notice of Candidacy for commissioner: Charlie Overcash, David White, Allen Price, Dianne Simmons, J. Martin Barrow, and Sheri Rettew.

Overcash, White, Price, and Simmons are current commissioners. J. Martin Barrow is a member of the Oriental Planning Board. Sheri Rettew is the executive director of Hope Clinic.

Mayor Sally Belangia is currently running unopposed.

Overcast and windy out there. 50% chance of rain today and highs in the mid 90s. Heat index values up to 107.

Wednesday July 17, 2019

8:41a Deaton’s 40th Anniversary is this weekend.

It’s not every day a business reaches the four decade mark. They’re having a party to celebrate and you’re invited. Just RSVP.

You may want to walk, ride your bike, or take a golf cart; there’s not a lot of parking available.

Tuesday July 16, 2019

10:53a There’s a new Pet of Month. Mr. July got a new name, a new home, and a new adventure when he met Alex Hall. Read Baloo’s story here.

8:22a Drone Amelia caught the sunrise this morning while checking out Whittaker Pointe Marina.

7:57a Years ago someone thought August needed a sailboat race all its own…. and the Dragon’s Breath Regatta was born.

The 2019 Dragon’s Breath Regatta is August 2-4. This is Oriental’s Dinghy Club’s premier event of the year. Race headquarters at Oriental Marina and Inn. Three classes: Spinnaker, JAM and Cruising. The weekend kicks off Friday night with Captain’s Registration from 5:30 – 7:30p at the Tiki Bar. Racing on the Neuse off Oriental both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday night is an Island Themed dinner.

Dragon’s Breath T-shirts available with the option of having your boat name on the front. Contact Nelda Coats at 252-639-1616 or neldacoats@gmail.com. The registration form is at this link.

Monday July 15, 2019

3:09p The heat index is down from the predicted 106; it’s only 103 (actual temp is 92) right now. A brief rain around 1:45 brought the humidity down slightly. The Oriental Weather Station shows the actual temperature (left) vs the Heat Index (right), and humidity:

click image for the big view

8:39a That heat advisory is back in effect today. High in the mid 90s, but heat values up to 106.

This coming Thursday, the Oriental Tourism Board meets at Brantley’s to talk all things Cycle NC 2020. Business owners and non-profits are welcome to attend.

Tourism Board breakfasts are usually quarterly, but with Cycle NC on the way (it comes in April 2020,) Tourism Board Chairman Marsha Paplham is making sure everything is ready for their arrival.

Cycle NC was last in town in 2017 and brought 1,400 cyclists to Oriental for the 3 day event.

Sunday July 14, 2019

5:07p Twas less brutal today. The Heat Index peaked at 106 this afternoon (actual temp 93.) Saturday that Heat Index reached 114.

Monday looks cued up to be about the same as today. For the middle of July, it ain’t that bad.

7:54a Today is forecast to see heat like yesterday. High mid 90s, heat index again 100+.

7:39a The disturbance on the Atlantic, Invest 93, no longer is a potential storm system. Barry is inland in Louisiana, and remains a tropical storm. Barry is forecast to weaken to tropical depression today.

All else on the Atlantic is calm.

7:28a The Oriental Dragon Boat Festival is next month, Aug 9&10 at River Dunes. Oriental’s Dragon Boat Club has been practicing… they are on the water again this morning paddling local creeks.

tropical d

Saturday July 13, 2019

2:02p That was quick. Barry weakened as the storm landed in Louisiana – back to Tropical Storm Barry. Winds now 70mph, just below hurricane strength.

Closer to home, it’s just 5-10 knots on the Neuse this afternoon. Same forecast Sunday.

12:01p We’re getting island heat today. How ‘bout some island eats? Mi bredren, you can eat Jamaican. SaYum Jamaican food truck is at the brewery, now til 7:30p turns out Jamaican food trucks run on island time. The truck starts serving at 4p. Music (Bell & The Gang reggae) starts at 6.

It it feels cruel outside… it is. Heat Index – at this moment – is 109.

11:51a The first hurricane of the 2019 season has been declared… Tropical Storm Barry is now Hurricane Barry, Category 1, now at the Louisiana coast. The National Hurricane Center says Barry has reached maximum sustained winds of 75 mph, with higher gusts.

There is a disturbance on the Atlantic, Invest 93, however it is unlikely to form into a storm (and if it should, appears likely to stay way south of us.)

Here are the links to follow Hurricane Barry:

10:32a The sun has returned, and with it… HEAT. Temps in the mid 90s today, head index values may get to near 110.

Friday July 12, 2019

11:20a The folks at Nautical Wheelers will be drinking Saturday. Reds. Whites. Chairs (and wine) provided. Wine tastings at 3 and 4p, tomorrow.

The food truck today at the brewery is Jasmine Tasty Thai, serving noon til 7:30p. The menu is right here.

7:48a It was blowin’ in the low/mid 20s overnight. Now is calm… west winds at 2mph.

That’s now. Thunderstorms and gusty winds may be back this afternoon.

6:58a Ya know how you were going to mow the lawn this morning?

Not gonna happen.

Overnight 1.5 inches of rain. So far. Radar is showing more may be coming.

Thursday July 11, 2019

11:17a In June, a boat was launched with some unexpected cargo: three baby birds. They were hungry, far from mom and dad, and couldn’t be safely returned to their boatyard.

jeff & buddy
What do you do? Call the local wildlife shelter and launch a rescue mission. The birds were delivered safely to the Outerbanks Wildlife Shelter in Newport, NC.

TownDock.net checked up on them a few weeks later. It turns out all three ate well, learned to fly and had been successfully released to the outdoors. You can watch that video up above. And check out some of the other OWLS residents below.

Owls ResidentsOwls ResidentsOwls Residents

7:57a There’s a 50% chance of rain. A look at the harbor right now makes it look higher than that. It’s overcast and windy out there. High today of 90.

Wednesday July 10, 2019

11:15a Tropical Cyclone Two has formed on the Gulf. This will not be any issue for those of us on the east coast, but it has folks nervous in Louisiana.

The Mississippi River is already 16 ft above normal at New Orleans due to rains in the midwest. Add tropical storm (or hurricane) surge and there may be a problem. Storm Two is expected to strengthen and get named Barry.

Here are the links to follow Storm Two (Barry):

10:37a The hard working children in the Children’s Theater summer camp are nearly ready.

Specifically the 1st/2nd and the 5th-7th graders in the Summer Theater Workshop. They’re putting on a performance this Thursday night at the Old Theater @ 7p.

You’re invited. Admission is free.

8:36a High 80s today, and 30% chance of rain.

Every second Sunday in August, the Bond family serves sliced up watermelon on their lawn. They’ve done it since the sixties. It’ll happen again this year and everyone is invited.

When the watermelons have been eaten, the rinds go to the turtles behind Fay’s home. It’s a special treat – normally, they get dog kibble. In 2017, TownDock.net visited Fay to see the turtles in action.

Fay & the turtles, happy together.