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If you’ve spent any time in Oriental, sooner or later you’ve gravitated to the Town Dock. It’s where you can see the trawlers docked at the shrimp plant, where you can see what new boats have come in to town, and more than likely catch up with someone you know.

It is with that same spirit that TownDock.net brings the Town Dock to you. We hope you’ll join us here at TownDock.net when you want to find out about upcoming events in Oriental , to get the local weather forecast , the marine weather , to catch a view of the harbor in real time, with HarborCam. , or find out the conditions on the Neuse with RiverCam .

If there is anything that defines Oriental, it is the water and the vessels that come in off of the Neuse River and Pamlico Sound. Many of them are fishing boats, some hail from here, others come by to drop off their catch. But they are not the only boats in town.

Sailboats mostly — but power vessels too— are always coming and going, as sailors take a break from the IntraCoastal Waterway and drop anchor inside the breakwater; or tie up at the Oriental Town Dock, one of the few places on the ICW that offers a free 48 hour stay. You’ll see boats from NC but also vessels from around the world – Switzerland, Britain, Canada, France…Australia. Wherever they sailed from, every boat and every crew has a story, and some have very good ones. Read about these visitors in The Shipping News.

As much as boats are talked about a lot in Oriental, dogs get a lot of attention here too. They’re as much a part of the landscape as the trawlers towers. With that in mind, TownDock.net brings you Pet of the Month — which is open to canines and all other pets in the Oriental area.

The folks behind TownDock.net

TownDock.net was launched by Keith Smith and Melinda Penkava in 2002. Melinda’s background is in journalism with public radio. Keith’s background is in both executive management and engineering with satellite communications companies.

Allison DeWeese joined TownDock in 2017. Allison gets to write about all things Oriental, ranging from town meetings to visiting sailors.

Artist Laura Turgeon is often seen about town with a pen & paper, focusing on a subject that caught her eye. Laura’s drawings are featured in TownDock’s Drawing The Town.

Community involvement

TownDock.net enjoys being an active part of the things that make our community great. We are proud to offer free web hosting and publicity to many local non profit groups and clubs, including:

The Old Theater
The Pamlico Music Society
Girls On The Run
SCOO (Sailing Club Of Oriental)
Oriental Rotary Club
Oriental Woman’s Club
Oriental Dragon Boat Club
Oriental Boat Show
Oriental Classic Car Show
Harbor Sounds

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