When It’s All Happening

Croaker Festival is Friday, July 5 – Saturday, July 6. The Parade is Saturday at 10a. Fireworks, Saturday night around 9:15p.

Croaker Festival Schedule

Friday 7:00a: South Ave. becomes one way
Friday 8:00a: Vendor set up starts
Friday 9:00a: Vendor booths are open
Friday 11a – 4p: Provision Company DIY T-Shirts
Friday Noon: South Ave. closes at the Festival Grounds
Friday 2:00p: Croaker Festival Information Booth opens
Friday 3 – 4:30p: Drop off your baked goods for the Baking Contest – behind the Croaker Booth
Pageant Winners Friday 4:00p: Opening Ceremonies @ Lou Mac Park for the 44th Annual Croaker Festival
Friday 4:00p: Pamlico Chorale & Pamlico Community Band
Friday 4:45p: Baking Contest Judging Begins
Friday 5:30p: Mini Miss Minnow Pageant
Friday 6:00p: Miss Minnow Pageant
Friday 6:30p: Croaker Queen Pageant
Friday 7:00p: Baking Contest Winners Announced on the Pageant stage
Friday 7:00p: The Mad Fiddler plays at the Tiki Bar
Friday 7:30p: Dancing in the Street: Southern Hellcats perform

Saturday 8:15a: South Ave. closes at the Festival Grounds
Saturday 8:30a: Vendor booths open
Saturday 8:30a: Check in for the CroakerFest Regatta at Bow to Stern
Saturday 9:00a: Captain’s Meeting for the CroakerFest Regatta at Bow to Stern
Saturday 9:00a: In the parade? The line begins at Ragan Rd. Ragan Rd closes to vehicle traffic.
Saturday 9:00a: Streets close to vehicle traffic – pedestrians only on Hodges St, down Wall St to South Ave for the parade.
Saturday 10:00a: The Parade begins, leaving from Ragan Rd, heading down Broad St, to snake along Hodges and down to South Ave, eventually ending back at Ragan Rd.
Saturday 10:30a: Broad Street reopens immediately after the parade – Hodges Street down Wall Street to South Ave remains closed.
Croaker Parade Bikes Saturday 11:00a: CroakerFest Regatta – first gun. Watch the race from Lou Mac Park.
Saturday 11:45a: Kid’s Park opens on Mildred Street
Saturday Noon: Parade Winners announced on the Main Stage
Saturday Noon: Live music by Patrick Bliss on the Main Stage.
Saturday 1:00p: Hoff ‘n’ Finch play the Main Stage
Saturday 1 – 3p: Paint & decorate your own art – Broad Strokes Gallery
Saturday 3:00p: Coloring Contest entries due at the Croaker Booth
Saturday 3:00p: The Mad Fiddler performs on the Main Stage
Saturday 5:00p: Bridge Closes for Fireworks Traffic will have to take the long way around
Saturday 5:00p: The Stagger Brothers play the Main Stage
Saturday 6:00p: Vendor booths & The Kid’s Park close
Saturday 6:30p: Coloring Contest Winners Announced
Saturday 7 – 9:15p: Dancing in the Streets: Live music by Heart Stop at the Main Stage
Saturday 8:00p: Nostalgic Knights play at the Tiki Bar
Saturday (around) 9:15p: Fireworks from the Oriental Bridge
Fireworks Saturday 10:00p: Streets and bridge reopen

Sunday 8:00a: All Vendor booths and trash must be removed
Sunday 9:30a: Community Church Services at Lou Mac Park – all are welcome

Saturday 11a – 3p: Spin Art
Saturday 11a – 3p: Block Building to the Sky
Saturday 11a – 3p: Rock Painting
Saturday 11a – 1p: Limbo Contest
Saturday 1 – 1:30p: Gigantic Twister, All Ages
Saturday 1:30 – 2p: Hula Hoop Contest
Saturday 2 – 2:30p: Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest, All Ages
Saturday 2:30 – 3p: Tug-of-War with the Monster Rope
Saturday – As Time Allows: Water Balloon Toss

Cool Stuff
Croaker Festival Fun Facts Ya Gotta Know...

Saturday night, fireworks light up the sky over Oriental. The fireworks launch from the bridge.


Sunfish, FJ, and 420 class sailboats race on the Neuse. It’s the Croaker Fest Regatta Saturday starting at 11a.

Croakerfest Regatta

The pageant for Mini Miss Minnow, Miss Minnow and the Croaker Queen is Friday afternoon

Croaker Queen