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News From Town Hall - Sept 30
Charlie Overcash Reports In
September 30, 2016

charlie overcash

own Commissioner Charlie Overcash is doing a series of Guest Columns – simply entitled News from Town Hall.

Town hall will be hosting a day to get your flu shots. On October 14th from 10 to 1 you can come down to town hall for a flu shot. The cost is $29 or use your insurance. If you use your insurance, bring a copy of your insurance card, copied front and back along with a picture ID. If you plan on coming, please let town hall know about it so there will be adequate supplies of the shot available. Call 249-0555

The town continues to work on our drainage problems. The latest project, which is now finished, is the area around the Stallings House. That large pipe to the river is now clear and a new grate is in place.

As the leaves fall from our trees, please do not blow or rake leaves into the drainage ditches. Those leaves impede drainage and the cost to clean the ditches out is significant. That money needs to be spent in other areas of town work to keep our village running the best as possible.

The brand new town information paper will be debuting soon. This will be a quarterly paper from town hall called, “The Fishwrapper” There will be information on town policies, town building info and board activities. The intent of the paper will to be explain areas of how our town works and what we are working toward.

That’s it for now, but stay tuned for periodic updates from Town Hall.

Charlie Overcash
Town Commissioner