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Meditation Group - Jan 2017

There are times when what you may need most is to just call a time out. Maybe even meditate. Tony Noel and and Shari Sias, a married couple here in Oriental, want to start a meditation group that would meet twice a week to, as they put it, “come together and ‘sit.‘”

…. there will be no social component; no wine-and-cheese gatherings, pot lucks, or any of the other extra-activity events often attached to group activities. Our goal is singular and simple: To hold regularly-scheduled, timed group mediation sessions, free of any obligation to attend and *free of cost * in the hope that their availability might aid participants in establishing or extending pursuit of their individual paths.
Shari is experienced in guided imagery meditation; Tony has followed a spiritual path for many years.More on what they are proposing, here. Those interested are asked to get in touch at 252-635-7867 by January 15, 2017.

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