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OMM - Oriental Mindfulness Meditation Group - Fridays 8a

Can’t hear yourself think? Oriental Mindfulness Meditation can help with that. Starting July 9, at 8a each Friday (except holidays), silence beckons at the Perry-Griffin Community Center, 300 High Street.

OMM exists to provide a reliable, silent environment for the cultivation of mindfulness: The ability to focus on just one thing by letting go of mental “noise.” Attendees may bring a small object to focus on; choose from a selection of meditation texts and scripts; or simply sit as they practice, in silence, and at their own pace.

Practice is free and open to all. Please arrive, situate yourself, and commence practice as silently as possible, considerate of those already present. A chime at 8:50 signals the end of practice, after which speech is permitted.

Chairs are available, or bring your own zafu or other posture aid. To be notified of (rare) cancellations, email togetherwesit@gmail.com.


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