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  • Planning Bd - Fulcher Pt Project - Jun 21 3p

    When Oriental’s Planning Board meets at 3p on Wednesday, June 21, it’s expected to review the latest plans for Chris Fulcher’s Fulcher Point project – a would-be trawler hauling-sandblasting-painting operation on Oriental’s harbor. At the Planning Boards’s recommendation last fall, the Town Board approved a Special Use Permit for a 100+ foot long outdoor washdown pad to which trawlers would be TravLIfted before going on to be sandblasted and painted in the currently roofless building.

    Then, Fulcher changed plans, moving the washdown pad – on paper – to a spot that, by the Town’s ordinances, was too close to an adjacent lot. The latest plans his engineer presented to the Town – in early June – show the Fulcher’s Point washdown pad moved to the Neuse River side of Fulcher’s building, which appears to address the Town ordinance issue. (Map at right shows the latest plan.) Whether it meets CAMA’s requirement fot setbacks from the river is a separate consideration.

    On June 21, the Planning Board is to review those plans in advance of the Town commenting on them to CAMA. The meeting is open to the public. (The public may also contact CAMA directly.)

    Planning board agenda for this 3p meeting is here. The Planning Board holds a special meeting at 1p. On that agenda are sidewalks and green space development.

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