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It's Saturday June 12, 2021 Dock Quote: “Pick battles big...

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Understanding Color - June 12

Join Paula Rozov in her next class, Understanding Color, at ArtWorks Oriental, June 12, 10a-1p.

In this session, Paula will introduce the primary colors and secondary colors, their complimentary colors, their analogous colors, and what all that means.

Together, students and instructor will explore mixing colors, learn what happens with the mixtures, and how to effectively use and harmonize them. Students will make a color wheel and color charts to record the results. Discussions will center on the emotional, evocative, and expressive nature of color. Finally, students will create imagery to demonstrate these principles and concepts.

Participants are asked to bring in their own work to both discuss and to continue developing into a stronger, finished piece. Bringing favorite materials and tools is also encouraged but not required.

Cost is $45 per student. Class is limited to 8 people. June 12, 10a-1p. Click here to register.


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