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About AnchorageCam

AnchorageCam looks at boats anchored off Oriental. This web cam looks at Oriental from across the harbor – from Pecan Grove Marina ( like PecanCam ). AnchorageCam takes a closer look at town – at the boats anchored, the boats coming in and out of the harbor – plus the bright red roof of the old Treasure Company building (home of the Village Gallery) is clear in the background.

It’s a great view in the morning, but in the afternoon the angle of the sun provides especially bright colors to AnchorageCam.

The cam takes photos from dawn til dusk – the exact times change through the year as the seasons change and are posted on the AnchorageCam page.

Check the AnchorageCam slide shows. You’ll see boats come and go, the weather change, the waves build, the sun rise, the sun set. There are 24 hours of archives. The 24 hours of photos usually means about two days are stored (given the cam does not take photos when it’s dark).

When viewing the slide shows you can “stop the show” by simply putting the cursor anywhere over the photo. The show will freeze while the cursor is over the photo – then resume as soon as you move it off.

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