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About MarkerCam

MarkerCam looks at Marker #1 at the entrance to the Whittaker Creek channel. You can see the Marker circled in yellow on this chart:

This is the channel that boaters pass coming from (or going to) Whittaker Creek or Whittaker Pointe marinas, to Deaton’s or Sailcraft boatyards, or to the homes along Whittaker Creek and the creeks that join it.

The cam takes photos from dawn til dusk – the exact times change through the year as the seasons change and are posted on the MarkerCam page.

Check the MarkerCam slide shows – there are 24 hours of archives. The 24 hours of photos usually means about two days are stored (given the cam does not take photos when it’s dark). Slide shows from sunrise are often particularly spectacular.

When viewing the slide shows you can “stop the show” by simply putting the cursor anywhere over the photo. The show will freeze while the cursor is over the photo – then resume as soon as you move it off.

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