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Letter: Fulcher Point Roof Open For Discussion
Planning Chair Urges Public To Attend Meetings
July 12, 2017

To The Editor,

I am writing because I want to encourage public comment on issues currently being considered on Mr. Fulcher’s Special Use Permit application, in which you commented July 11th.

Even though TownDock and several persons from the Town were present at the last meeting in June and all of us who were there heard the extensive discussion as to the status of Fulcher’s project, it seems it might help the public to review some of what was said.

Once an application for a Special Use Permit is received, it can be modified before final approval by the Commissioners, so long as the modifications are “in compliance” with the GMO. It either is or is not. This change to the application, adding the “retractable roof,” occurred after the Planning Board initially approved the application. We initially approved it because that is our job: to determine whether or not the application conforms to the GMO. If it does conform, we are obligated to approve it and pass it on to the Town Board. On the initial reviews of this application, not one person appeared for the public comments which were heard over a series of months. No one opposed the initial application.

However, at the Planning Board meeting in June, public discussion was extensive, primarily revolving around the “retractable roof” issue. The Planning Board members heard many people speak on this and there seemed to be consensus that this issue needs further review and questions need to be answered. This issue is still open.

It would be a mistake to assume that this will not come up again July 12th. We always provide a public comment time and it is a serous concern in Town. I urge everyone to attend both the Planning Board meetings and the Town Board meetings, regularly, until the issue is finally resolved. It currently is NOT finally resolved.

I believe it will come up on the 12th, whether it is on the agenda or not.

As to the quorum issue you raised yesterday, we also need to review what was discussed at the June meeting: the need to move up the July meeting in order to have as many members as possible to get some good work done on an “open spaces” ordinance.

We do not move or change meeting dates in order to deceive anyone, to confuse or to avoid public comment or participation. We change dates to maximize the schedules of those people, who are all volunteers, on the board. The date of July 12th for this meeting was set at the June meeting, in public.
Maybe we all need to remember the saying, “Laws are made by those who show up.”

Eric Dammeyer
Chair, Oriental Planning Board

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