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Letters: Attaboy for Public Works
Special Thanks
June 19, 2023

ublic Works. The municipal department that keeps roads clear, water plants working, and maintains the town’s infrastructure. A resident writes in to thank two employees in particular: Thomas Jones and Demetrius Green.
We have been residents of Oriental for the past eight years and have always found the Town of Oriental Staff to be knowledgeable, courteous, and competent. This week we had a noteworthy experience with two Town employees that prompted this letter of commendation.

Thomas and Demetrius were spraying for mosquitoes early Thursday morning when they noticed water on the street in front of our house on South Avenue despite the absence of rain the past several days. They investigated, and discovered and informed us of a leak at the water main connection. Initially, they suggested that we would need to call a plumber, but after examining the situation again, they offered to fix it. The repair involved draining water from the water main hole, digging up the cover, and installing new fittings. Two hours later our leak was fixed, the water was back on, and our lawn was returned to normal.

In how many other municipalities would a town employee take the easy way out and perhaps not even alert the homeowner of a leak let alone repair it? It’s these extra levels of responsibility and effort that make the Town Hall and the Village of Oriental special places.

Again, thanks so much to Thomas and Demetrius for their dedication and hard work.

Yours truly,
Stan and Ellen Aeschleman
Oriental, NC
June 19, 2023

Members of the Public Works Staff: Joshua Gibson, Tom Jones, Demetrius Green, Andrew Cox, Daniel Early.

I echo Stan Aeschleman’s letter of June 19 and add the observant and kind Public Works Department has been so for decades.  I’ve had the pleasure of living here 34 years.  We owned The Little House at 807 Midyette Street and used it as a studio for twelve years.   Town staff staff kept an eye on us and our property.  Joshua Gibson told me that Mr. John seemed to be using more water than usual suggesting I take a look at the situation.  There was a matter to be handled.  Thanks to Joshua who wasn’t just jotting down numbers but also  considering them, the issue was handled without significant loss.  All done pleasantly and in a timely manner.  

After Hurricane Florence Town staff lost goods, property, homes and still kept at their jobs.  If any have second thoughts about their salaries, extra holidays or such, set them aside.  They all treat us like family which in this small town we are indeed.  Keep it in mind.

Madeline Sutter
Oriental, NC
June 20, 2023

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