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Letters: Carol Wright Thanks Customers & Friends
Oriental Buyers Broker Slows Down
July 23, 2018

ow do you thank a wide group of people for 15 years of business & support? Carol Wright shows how:

To all my Oriental/Pamlico County friends,
I would like to say thanks to each and every one of you who helped make these past fifteen years fly by. My little company, Carol Wright, Oriental Buyer’s Broker, has enjoyed 15 wonderful years helping people become a part of our special family. I hope to continue this tradition for another year or so but with a little different twist and I have explained this in the letter below which was sent to all my clients. For now I have a few special people to thank. First a thank you to all my fellow REALTORS who welcomed me into their fold all those years ago and supported me along the way, a special recognition must go to our very own Susan Henry who used her artistic talent to create my first signs for Carol Wright, Oriental Buyer’s Broker. Sue was a great artist even back in 2003 when she worked out of the Old Central Hotel, now you can find her paintings everywhere. And last but not least is of course Keith Smith, of Towndock.net, who can be wickedly humorous in his writings about the happenings in our quaint little town. Keith listened to what I wanted to do and went to work creating my image, my web site and then helped me to advertise and market myself. Heck I must have been one of his first advertisers, certainly I was his favorite…..right Keith? To this day I MUST visit “towndock” every single morning and read up on what is happening because I know I will certainly be asked by a client about something they have read on towndock.net. Which is why I have asked Keith to have this posted…..because everyone reads towndock.net.

As my letter below explains, I plan to slow down a bit and spend more time with family and more time enjoying life, while still doing a little of what I have loved doing for the past 15 years.

Click here for the complete letter from Carol Wright.

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