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Letters: Commissioner Dammeyer's Endorsement
Election day is Nov 5
November 4, 2019

ll incumbent commissioners are on the 2019 ballot except one. Eric Dammeyer is not running for re-election to the Oriental Board of Commissioners. He writes in to explain, and to give his endorsement:

In the last year, I have become involved in the rapidly growing Motion Church family, as an associate pastor. Debra and I are now totally immersed in doing the work that was our calling in coming to Oriental in the first place. This is our life.

So it is for a positive reason that I do not run for re-election.

In that regard, I know Martin Barrow. He and I have had many good conversations over many issues. He has worked for the planning board. I would trust him in being an effective servant for the Town as a Commissioner. I want to heartily endorse him as a candidate for the seat I am leaving. I also commend to you all those faithful people who are now running for re-election. They all have worked very well in service to make positive changes in Oriental and will serve us all well for another term.

Eric Dammeyer
Soon to Not Be Commissioner
Oriental, NC

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