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Letters: Croakerfest 2014
A Job Well Done
July 10, 2014

The 34th Annual Croaker Festival prompted some letters of appreciation…

To the Editor:

I would like to follow up Joe (Valinoti)’s letter with thanks to all who helped with the trash/recycling efforts for Croakerfest.

Greg Bohmert generously gave of his equipment (the garbology forklift), his time, and his expertise. Besides driving the forklift on some of the trash pickup runs, he also took the time to train John Bloom as a forklift driver at the same time that he was dumping trash barrels into the forklift bin. It made me very aware of all that he has done for Croakerfest over the years. I am glad Candy was recognized as Grand Marshal of the parade this year. Next year Greg gets my vote.

The Town of Oriental was very helpful with the loan of the trash/recycle bins. Thanks to Jayne Beyer, Drew Cox and Joe Valinoti for advice and assistance.

Other volunteers were John Bloom and TJ Wooton who helped with preparations before Croakerfest. They were assisted during Croakerfest by Greg, Noah Butcher, and Kathryn Garcia.

And a special thanks to Cheryl Thompson who did such a great job getting the festival organized.

Thank you,
Jayne Stasser
China Grove

To the Editor:

I would like to congratulate the organizers of the Croakerfest. In particular, Jayne Stasser, for the wonderful job they did in the collection and separation of recycling. It fit in well with the Town’s program and showed the public what can be done when everyone pitches in. (Pun intended)

Joe Valinoti
Solid Waste/Recycling Coordinator,
Town of Oriental

To the Editor,

Thanks to the Town of Oriental, the volunteers, groups, vendors, and organizers who are too numerous to single out by name that were involved in this year’s Croaker Festival. The weather was wonderful and the new layout was awesome.

Croaker hats off to everyone that helped create the best Croaker Festival I have seen in my 20+ years of attendance.

Missy Tenhet

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