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Letters: Dredge Spoil Poses Danger to Wildlife
Dredge spoil captures deer
April 25, 2018

hen creeks are dredged, the resulting sludge or spoil has to go somewhere. Often, it ends up inland on privately owned property. Ronda Tittle writes in with concerns – and pictures – of what can happen.


Last week I found a deer stuck in the sludge that was pumped from Pierce Creek. I have attached a photo. We contacted Wildlife and they were able to get her out. They said she was probably stuck for at least 2 days and would have not survived another one. I have a video but the quality is poor.

Dredge Sludge Letter 2018Dredge Sludge Letter 2018
A deer caught in dredge sludge. Wildlife officers free the trapped animal.

This is a death trap.

Thank you,

Ronda Tittle
Oriental, NC
April 24, 2018

Ronda Tittle indicates that the dredging spoils are located off White Farm Rd. Here is a map for clarification.

Dredge Sludge Letter 2018
The deer was found in dredging spoils off White Farm Rd. Click for a closer satellite view of the site.

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