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Letters: Engage Your Heart Instead of Your Mouth
Supporting a beloved town
July 20, 2020

reader writes in on the topic of masks.

To the Editor,

Our beloved town has become an oasis of beauty and comfort during the coronavirus crisis. We must not allow those who refuse to wear a protective mask to take that away from us.

I get what the anti-maskers among us are saying. They are standing up for our rights as Americans. We are, after all, a free and independent people and there are times when taking such a stand is the appropriate thing to do. Anti-maskers are misguided in thinking that this is the right time for that stand. It is not. Covid-19 is not issuing a call for us to stand up for our rights as Americans. It is issuing a call for us to engage our hearts as Americans.

Simply put, to survive this crisis, we must put our hearts — not our mouths — into action.

If a stand is to be taken, that stand must be in support of our local workers. They have requested, politely at first and now in stronger terms, to cover our mouths so they can continue to serve us. We must not leave them standing alone.

Some have turned a simple call for caring into a political call to arms. As a country, we must learn how to listen to the right call to arms. Now would be a good time to learn that lesson.

We’ve used our mouths for too many years to cause each other pain — and not just with the coronavirus crisis. Why not give our hearts a try? We couldn’t possibly do any worse.

Mary Anne Thomas
Oriental, NC

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