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Letters: Etiquette At The Green Waste Dumpster
A Call To Use It Right
August 19, 2016

n recent years, residents inside the town limits of Oriental have been able to dispose of green waste at a site here in Town. It is a convenience that reader Lynn DeChessser wants to remain. As she writes, she is concerned about the way it is being used;
To the Editor:

Those of us who use the “green waste” dumpster located near the water treatment plant are very thankful to Town officials for this wonderful gift. It saves many miles of travel to the Pamlico landfill in Grantsboro and it is free of charge.

I have a concern, though, that due to some not following proper dumpster etiquette, we may eventually lose this privilege.

There are instructions for use that are rarely followed. They are clearly displayed for all: No branches over 4-feet long, no branches over 6-inches in diameter, no bagged debris, no household or construction waste. There was a sign posted that read: dump from the rear. ( That sign has apparently disappeared.) The reason for this sign was so you would walk into the far end of the dumpster and unload your green waste. Then no one has to hike over branches, grass, pine cones, brambles, etc. The dumpster fills up in an orderly fashion and more people are able to take advantage of this convenience.

So, I have multiple bags of weeds that need to be disposed of and off to the water plant I go, only to find that one dumpster user has failed to open the door and has now placed his or her yard waste (loose and in bags) in front of the closed door. Now no one can use the half-full container. (I know because I pulled my pickup truck alongside, climbed on the tail gate and emptied the bags over the side.)

I frequently use the dumpster and have rarely seen it being used in the manner it was intended. I don’t want to see our ability to dispose of yard waste – locally and free – taken away from us. Please think of other people.

Lynn DeChesser Oriental, NC 8/17/2016

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