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Letters: Hope Clinic Executive Director Says Thanks
Year-end donations made a difference
February 10, 2020

olanda Cristiani, new Executive Director of Hope Clinic, writes in with a thank you.

The clinic provides free medical care to low-income underinsured adults in Pamlico County. They also run the New Beginnings addiction treatment program.

On behalf of the patients, board members, and volunteers at Hope Clinic, a big thank you to all who responded to our end-of-year appeal with donations. Your generosity has helped fund our clinics for the next couple of months, allowing us the ability to provide quality healthcare and comprehensive outpatient addiction treatment to adults in Pamlico County and surrounding areas.

We heard from donors who gave in honor of Nancy Huff, one of the original founders of Hope Clinic. We also received generous donations who gave in memory of Xander Deaton. Whatever the reason, whatever the amount, we are very thankful.

When you donate to Hope Clinic, you are saving lives. I count my blessings that I am among such giving people who have shown respect, compassion, and love for our patients.

Thank you so very much!

Yolanda Cristiani, Executive Director
Hope Clinic

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