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Letters: Keep the Cheer Going
An appeal to keep the lights on
December 24, 2020

esidents and businesses of Oriental have lit up the night with their holiday decorations. A reader writes to the Editor in support of keeping the lights on.

The other night, I was walking around town enjoying the holiday lights. They are especially lovely this year, and so unique. I’ve seen dragons, dogs, ships helmed by Santa. These decorations are, for me, a small, simple joy at the end of a tough year. It occurred to me today that I will be really sad to see them go in another week or two.

So, I would like to share a request with your readers: that the town and its residents keep their holiday lights up through winter! I know many already keep theirs strung through the beginning of January, but I encourage folks in the area to keep them lit longer. Wintering during a pandemic is a bleak affair, but I find the lights to be powerful medicine.

Regardless of what folks choose, I’m wishing everyone a warm and safe holiday season. May this coming year be better than the last.

Lynn Crothers
Oriental, NC
December 23, 2020

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a two story house on stilts with lights and garland decorating the railings, trees, and porch.
Wilma Kennedy won the decorating contest category for Most Lights.

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