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Letters: Literacy Tutors Seeking Students
Reading Lessons
May 15, 2014

Pamlico County is said to have a significant number of adults who cannot read. To try to change that. tutor volunteers have become trained at teaching. Now, though, they need students. A letter writer asks for help in spreading the word to would-be students that there are teachers who want to help.

Dear Editor,

Back in January, the TownDock did a great job of publicizing Craven Literacy Council’s expansion into Pamlico County. A good number of folks volunteered and went through the training. Now the tutors are ready, but need students.

There is no charge for this confidential individual tutoring. The only requirement is that students commit to attending regularly.

The service is for adults who can’t read English which presents a challenge for advertising the service, but I trust readers of the TownDock will get the word out. Prospective students can contact the Literacy Council at 252-637-8078 or the Library in Bayboro at 252-745-3515.

Katherine Hudson

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