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Letters: Love Letter To Oriental
A Family's Thanks
September 8, 2014

riental has become known as a place where people move after having their careers and after raising their families. But not everyone who moves here fits that description. There are parents who move to Oriental to bring up their children. Having just reached a milestone in that path, Mary Beth Thorn sends in what she calls her Love Letter To Oriental.

A Love Letter to Oriental

We are two weeks into “The Empty Nest” as our youngest Bean Barista starts college far away and our oldest Bean Barista begins her senior year at a college not so far away. I have been reflecting on how fortunate we were when we chose Oriental as the place to raise our family. If you believe that “It takes a village to raise a child,” there is no finer place than the Village of Oriental.

I want to thank villagers for being patient and kind as Hannah and Sara served you at The Bean. You treated our baristas well and did more than you know to help us raise kind, patient and independent young women.

Dave and Marsha Shirk welcomed us on Friday nights at M&M’s, even when Hannah was a not so quiet toddler.
Neighbors welcomed our friendly girls into their homes even when they probably had other things to do. Melinda always made sure to tell us when the girls’ photos would be on TownDock.net. Family and friends supported countless school fundraisers. One neighbor so trusted our girls that she helped them “adopt” a stray puppy, believing that the girls must have our permission since they said they did (oops, they did not!).

I could go on and on. In fact, if I did, I think I would probably name most of Oriental’s 900 residents.

As the Thorn family embarks on the next part of our adventure, I feel proud and happy that we are sending two small town girls into a great big world well prepared for all that is to come.

Thank you!
Mary Beth Thorn

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