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Letters: Military Drones
Noise Drones On & On
December 22, 2014

oise is an issue that resounds now and again in Oriental. At the moment, the unwelcome sound in question comes from the skies above, but it’s not the big fighter jets or cargo planes in and out of Cherry Point. Rather, it’s the much smaller military drones that prompt area resident Brad Cecil to write.

To the Editor

Iā€™m guessing that I am not the only person in the area annoyed by the endless noise of drones circling overhead. Lately, the activity seems to be increasing with more instances and longer durations. A single drone flight can last several hours as it circles over the same spot – which seems to be over my house.

Can our proud military practice their remedial droning away from homes or over the water where there are no people? Perhaps they could vary their flight patterns a bit? (They must have ample photographs of Kershaw Creek by now.)

Does the editor or anyone else know who could be politely contacted at Cherry Point regarding this?

Brad Cecil
Oriental NC

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