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Letters: Ol' Front Porch Music Fest Praise
An Appreciation
October 19, 2015

Saturday’s Ol’ Front Porch Music Fest is drawing rave reviews. Now in its second year, it had more than 2 dozen musicians and bands playing on almost 20 different porches around Oriental. Deb and Pappy Khouri write an appreciation, as does Cheryl Crowley.


I loved the car show and the music; there was not time to fit it all in. Hope that next year the great bands will play longer into the afternoon since they were all excellent.

A really nice touch was the shuttle golf carts. My dad was able to be transported with his walker (driver Holly Dunn was always at the right place at the right time) to see the car show, which he loved.

Many thanks to the organizers of 2 very successful events.

Gay Jordan
Charlotte, NC

Cheryl Crowley shares a thank you note she sent to Dottie Osmun, who, with Leslie Kellenberger worked as chief organizers of the event.

Dear Dottie,

I just have to write to thank you for orchestrating such an amazing event.

I am certain it was a tremendous amount of work and imagine you had a great team to work with you. So let me say KUDOS TO ALL OF YOU!

Thank you to all the musicians for donating their amazing talent to brighten our lives.

The whole day was magical and the weather so accommodating.

Thank you so much, it was a brilliant event.

Cheryl Crowley

To the Editor,

What an event! It was magical to walk through town and hear the music coming from all directions as you made your way. Everyone was having a wonderful time, our businesses were humming with activity, and happy, relaxed people everywhere. You had to be there to believe the vibe that was created.

Please tell each and every person who contributed to this effort that this was, in my opinion, the best village event—-ever! You have done so much for the spirit of the community. Thank you!

Deb and Pappy Khouri

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