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Letters: On Robert Allen Miller's Shooting
Reax To Portrayal By Friends
September 27, 2015

efore dawn on September 19th, someone got on board Robert Allen Milller’s boat at its slip at Clancy’s Marina and shot him five times. He managed to call 9-1-1 and remains in the hospital, a week later. The shooting itself was a rare thing in Oriental and questions turned on ‘why’ someone would do that. A few days later, TownDock.net published a letter to the editor from a friend of Robert Miller’s, laying out his legal career and alluding to possible motives that might be gleaned there. The letter – and a subsequent one – also presented a fuller picture of the man who’d been quietly living at an Oriental marina for half a year. Those portrayals in turn prompted others to write.

To the Editor:

Thank you so much for the coverage of Robert Miller’s shooting and for printing the letters of his friends. It is a reminder to me of how easy it is to come to an erroneous impression when data are scarce and information limited.

His friends’ letters present a completely opposite view from what one might conclude from the reported facts.

The question now is- how can we help?

John Meskauskas


Don’t know who wrote the letter but I suspect you can pass this on to writer. Thank you for taking the time to help us all know a little more about the man. Our prayers are with him.

Scott Fitzgerald

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