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Letters: Reaction To Primadonna And The Bad Check
Pay Back Sought
November 2, 2013

As reported on TownDock.net on Wednesday, October 9, local resident and Provision Company manager, Pat Stockwell has been helping the crew of the vessel, Primadonna, since it came to Oriental almost a year ago. Two weeks ago, Stockwell co-endorsed a check for $2,980.42 made out to Primadonna owner, Pascal Ott. The check bounced and Stockwell had to pay First Citizens Bank the $2,980.42 it had given to Ott. Stockwell says he’s asked Ott to pay him back. In mid-October, Ott gave him $500 and said within a week he’d have the rest sent from France. By early November, Pat Stockwell has received no further funds from Ott. The story has sparked several letters about what happened to Stockwell and the ongoing homesteading by Primadonna and three other boats in the prime anchoring spots in Oriental’s harbor.

Dear Editor:

When will the Oriental Town Board do the right thing? It’s obvious that the so-called promises made by Mr. Flinn (the pink boat) and Primadonna (the illegal French crew that “just need a couple of things”) to leave were false.

They have effectively clogged the inner harbor and kept several cruising boats from stopping in Oriental. I know this as we have left to go south for our cruise to the Bahamas and have talked to several cruisers along the way about the situation in Oriental. The other two boats are just as bad.

We are Oriental residents and are very disappointed in the Town’s government. Why isn’t the French captain in jail for check fraud? Mr. Flinn made a claim that he is leaving after he was asked nicely. That was a long time ago and was obviously a lie.

It’s too bad that Oriental has gotten a reputation for being a “derelict boat depot” by cruisers. It’s hard to defend our village. We have lost good visitors and will continue to lose more if nothing is done. I hope the new commissioners will act in the village’s best interest regarding this situation. It’s embarrassing at a minimum.

Thank you,

Steve Snyder
Oriental Resident

Over the last few weeks with Snow Bird boats trying to anchor in the Harbor, NE winds to NW winds and the swell the winds create, our transient friends have had a hard go of it.

Broad Creek and River Dunes has had a lot of south bound boats anchor and refuel and skip Oriental. Why? Could it be because a rusty steel boat, and a yellow polluting wreck, and a navy blue derilict whose bilge pumps run constantly, and 1 or 2 move are anchored in our best anchorage? It’s not an easy ride on anchor out past A dock this time of year.

Walmart is a done deal, Allen Propst has Atlas Track exposed, Why are these abandoned boats still here? These boats and owners need to be forced to leave the harbor. Put in place what other harbors have done to stop this selfish, non-caring freeloading.

Walter Lane

To the Editor:

I have been following the never ending saga of the Primadonna. I can see where the good people of Oriental would try and help someone out but there comes a time where you have to say, “enough is enough.”

As long as the people on that boat can continue to suck the town dry, they are not going to leave.

This has gone way beyond “helping your neighbor”. You all are bleeding to death from a thousand paper cuts. You all should be embarrassed, wake up and throw these leeches out.

David Boxmeyer
Beaufort, NC

To the Editor:

To say that I am surprised by the reluctance of the Oriental police to arrest Pascal Ott as a consequence of his defrauding Pat Stockwell of nearly $3,000 is an understatement.

The village of Oriental has been tolerant of this freeloader (Ott) for over a year, and the residents’ kindness toward him has been repaid with panhandling and now fraudulent theft. It is irrelevant whether Ott was in on the fraud from the get-go, or simply duped by a third party. The fact that he has apparently refused to repay Stockwell should leave no doubt as to his misfeasance, more likely malfeasance.

Potentially Pat Stockwell could request court action to attach Ott’s personal property (his boat, albeit it probably is not worth much), but the court might be far more likely to grant such an action if the police were doing their job by arresting Ott.

Pascal Ott has clearly taken the village of Oriental for a ride, and is now expanding his exploitation of the town’s largess. Normally one would anticipate a rapid departure following such a monetary fraud, but I suspect Ott believes the good people of Oriental are a cash cow not yet milked to dry.

I truly hope the authorities will not allow him further fraudulent acts, but if the police fail to act, it is almost inevitable. Pat Stockwell is to be commended for informing others of his issue, at the price of embarrassment on his part.

Jeff Coppes
Mishawaka, IN

To the Editor:

Primadonna. What does it take? Arrest those people.

Where is INS? Why haven’t they been deported?

They are living here illegally, without any means of support other than scamming the people of Oriental.

Why is everyone tolerating this behavior?

I’m a charitable person who cares about the homeless, takes in stray dogs and cats and drives a Prius, but this has gone on too long.

Nancy Crain


I am a frequent visitor to Oriental and have been reading the letters and articles with regard to Pascal Ott.

My friend also got ripped off by the guy. My friend was kind enough to let them borrow $100, drove him around to get supplies, etc in which he was assured to be paid back by Ott. That never happened.

It appears to me that no one is seriously taking action against these people. They obviously have no money – the boat is in disarray – and are never planning on leaving!

I understand kindness and such. However, after reading of this fraudulent check, it appears the officials (i.e. the Police Department) really need to investigate and/or get the right officials involved to rectify the payment.


Kathy Stultz
Wexford, PA

To the Editor:

Where is the outrage? One of our own is now ripped off of almost 3000 dollars. These folks are criminals, plain and simple.

No visas.

No money.

No work.


Check fraud.

Derelict boat chasing away visitors.

And they are STILL here!

Call Immigration.

Call Interpol.

My God, what does it take?

Wake up Oriental.

Charlie Garrett

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