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Letters: Search for Fan Creates Oriental Fans
Words of Thanks
July 1, 2016

any a boat comes to Oriental’s Town Docks, tying up for free for a few days. One crew visiting this week came away with an appreciation for some folks in town as well . Terry and Donna Hoy sent in this letter under the heading, There are still good people in this world. Here’s what led them to say that:


Wednesday June 29 my wife and I on our trawler came to the Town Docks on our first visit to Oriental and had a nice dinner at the M & M with friends from New Bern.

Within an hour of leaving Thursday morning we had a total failure of our on-board electrical system.

We were able to return to the Town Dock to figure out what happened and make repairs. One of the problems was a compressor fan for our refrigerator failed. The manufacturer would send one under warranty but it wouldn’t be delivered until after the holiday.

A computer muffin fan would allow us to limp along till we could get a replacement but where to get on late in the day. It was after 6pm I found Pat closing up at the Inland Waterway Provision Company. He suggested I check towndock.net as he thought there were some computer repair ads in the classifieds. It was 6:30 when I called Doug Gaither.

Doug said he had a fan and I said I would ride my bike out to pick it up. Since it was about 7 miles, Doug offered to deliver it to town. When he arrived he refused any payment for the fan or the trip. We can’t thank Doug enough for his kind generosity. We also want to thank the town for allowing us to have the time necessary to get our electrical problems fixed. We will be back.

Terry & Donna Hoy On board Meridian, traveling north 7/1/16

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