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Letters: Sodium Content On Hodges
Warning: Salt Water
September 19, 2014

e’ve seen high water on Hodges Street again this week – not so much from the rain the other day but more because of the north wind. Those winds out of the north blow Pamlico Sound waters down in to the harbor and then over the street. That water is brackish or briny, which means that while it’s not as high on the salinity scale as ocean water, it’s not fresh water by any means. That fact is something that letter writer Gary Ramsey hopes drivers will take with more than a grain of salt.

To the Editor:

Sitting at The Bean yesterday or any day there is water on Hodges Street, I am amazed at the cars that drive through the water.

Some drive slowly, some at full speed – just for fun to spray water as high as the roof of the car. All of this would be good fun and is – except for one very important fact: SALT.

The water on Hodges street is not rainwater. 99% of the time, it is the Neuse River from high water at the harbor. I am sure most people, if they understood the salty facts and the long term damage to their cars and trucks, would not forge the high water on Hodges Street.

“Salt Water” signs may do more good than just “High Water” signs. “Salt Water” warning signs would remind motorists what they may realize after the salt water damage is done.

Just my two cents for what it is worth.

Gary Ramsey

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