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Letters: Thank You From Hope Clinic
Virtual Hope Regala Raised $125,000
May 22, 2020

ope Clinic reports that their “Virtual Regala” was a success. Executive Director Yolanda Cristiani writes in:
To TownDock.net and Readers:

Hope Clinic sincerely thanks you for your incredible support and involvement in making our 2020 Virtual Hope Regala such a huge success. TownDock.net not only provided great coverage, but also kept the modified delivery of our largest annual fundraising event lively and exciting.

Because of you, Hope Clinic was able to raise $125,000, which will provide care for about 200 patients this year – around 1/3 of our patient population. Brought on by COVID-19 safety considerations, this was our first attempt at a virtual Regala event. We are grateful to TownDock and all donors who participated.

On behalf of our patients, staff, and volunteers, thank you to TownDock and readers for such generous support. We could not have done it without you.

With gratitude,
Yolanda Cristiani, Executive Director
Hope Clinic
May 21, 2020

Hope Clinic Director Yolanda Cristiani and Pamlico County Sheriff Chris Davis drew the winning $10k Golden Raffle Ticket for the Virtual Hope Regala on May 15 at 3p. It was done live on TownDock:

On Thursday May 21 Hope Clinic’s $10,000 Golden Raffle Ticket winner braved COVID-19 restrictions to pick up his $10,000 check from Hope Clinic headquarters. Pictured below are the winner, Stanley Feigenbaum and Yolanda Cristiani, Annette Jenkins, April Worley, and Kim Stewart from Hope Clinic.

The 2020 Virtual Hope Regala was held online at www.hoperegala.com.

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