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Letters: Thanks For New Years in Oriental
One To Remember
January 6, 2016

visiting boat crew from Texas took part – and played a big part — in Oriental’s New Years Eve festivities last week. James Woodring and Rachel Lay had sailed their Westsail 32, Mona to the Town Dock a few days earlier, and were asked if the Croaker Dropping team could use their boat (and in particular, the mast) for the finale of ringing in the new year. They agreed – James even played a couple of rounds of Auld Lang Syne on an accordion he bought while in town. He followed that up with this letter.
To the Editor and the town of Oriental:

2016 is well underway and although we have since moved on to New Bern, I want to thank you all for the wonderful experience that was New Years Eve on the Town Dock.

I have not enjoyed previous New Years Eve celebrations with anywhere near the gusto that I felt last week. Sparkling grape juice never tasted so good! Friends were made, songs were sung, dragons chased, and cannons fired.

Getting to participate in the Croaker drop was probably the best part for us.

Thank you, Oriental, for welcoming us into your life with open arms. We had a lot of fun, but even better, you made us feel at home in a way we will not soon forget.

Very Best, James Woodring SV Mona Austin, TX

(For photos of the Dragon Run and Croaker Drop, click here.)

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