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Letters: Thanks for the Cheer
To Santa and Fire Station 19
December 18, 2020

n an effort to bring a little more holiday cheer to residents, members of Fire Station 19 have been escorting Santa throughout neighborhoods in and around Oriental.

A reader writes in about Santa’s visit to their part of town.

What a special treat we had this evening. Station 19 Fire personnel and trucks escorted Santa through our neighborhood this evening. We live on Blackwell Point Loop Road and loved cheering the trucks and Santa as he wished us a Merry Christmas. We will be sending pictures to our Grandchildren as I’m sure they won’t have the same opportunity in their neighborhoods.

This town is so very special and we are so grateful and touched by the efforts of everyone who made This Spirit of Christmas the best one ever.

Merry Christmas to all,

Linda and Bob Parker
Oriental, NC
Dec 17, 2020

Friday, December 18 is the third and last evening of Santa’s ride through town.

Thanks be to Santa and his fire trucks! We really enjoyed all the excitement, as sometimes we feel a little left out over here in the “Neverlands” off of Whittaker Creek road.

What a special little town this is to take the time and effort to make Christmas cheer available in this otherwise difficult time of Covid, when so many of us cannot go out and participate in group events.

Our cats did NOT participate however, one is still under the bed (P.T.S. symptoms) Post Traumatic Santa event from all the sirens :).

Much Peace, Joy and Light to ALL,
Margaret & Jay Jones
Oriental, NC
Dec 18, 2020

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