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Letters: Thanks, from England
A salute from across the pond
October 24, 2023

s residents, we think our town is a great little place. It’s nice when others think so, too. Nicky Hurle writes in.

Returning to Oriental from England to visit my cousin, I struck gold with the Ol’ Front Porch weekend.

I had to write and say this is what I love about this town, everyone having a great time and always so friendly and welcoming even to an English woman with a strange accent!

So well done Oriental, the organisers, musicians and home owners; it was a great weekend.

I love visiting and staying in this town, seeing familiar faces, spending time at The Bean, etc and most importantly seeing family and friends.

I can’t wait to return. Thank you Oriental, already planning my return.

Best wishes,

Nicky Hurle

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