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Letters: Thanks from the Friends of the Library
Appreciation for the helping hands
March 13, 2024

letter to thank all those that made the new library possible, from The Friends of the Pamlico Library. The FOPL Board writes in:

A Special Thank You to the people of Pamlico County who made the new standalone Pamlico County Public Library and Community Center possible.

Recently we celebrated the groundbreaking of the new Pamlico County Library and Community Center at the site of the former Hardee’s. We were humbled at the fantastic turnout of people who came to witness history in Pamlico County and excited that the construction phase of the project is underway.

The new library building as it is, and as it may be. (Ben Casey photo)

None of this would have been possible without the generosity of the people and businesses throughout the county who have supported the Friends of the Pamlico Library fundraisers over the past five to six years. We want to thank all who participated and graciously donated their profits from the book sales, arts and craft sales, yard sales, book launches, The Witches Crawl and all the other fundraising activities that made the building renovation and expansion possible.

Our sincere thanks for the support of the NC Legislature, specifically Senator Norman Sanderson, who facilitated the award of three grants since 2018 to complete the library project. The first bit of funding was $250K to essentially purchase the property and fund its repairs and maintenance; then $333K; and finally, the grant for $1.5M. While that funding amount is substantial, it is more significant that we received continuous NC state support during a period of national strife (i.e. COVID, inflation, etc.).

We would like to especially thank the news outlets for all their support. Thank You to the staffs at TownDock.net, The Pamlico News, The County Compass, Down In The County and all the Facebook pages that make up the Pamlico County Telegraph. We could not have done this without you advertising events, sharing pictures of events, providing feedback to us along the way and reporting all the progress reports. They say “it takes a village,” but in this case, it took the whole County to make this happen. Congratulations.

Kids help out at the groundbreaking ceremony. (Ben Casey photo)

We still have some final touches for smaller projects, to be done after the building is completed – like the outdoor teaching and reading garden. Some donors have already come forth to offer matching fund challenges for some of these items, so look for more information soon.

If you are in the group who have been waiting to see if this would actually happen before making your contribution, please feel free to make checks out to Friends of the Library or FOL and mail to 603 Main Street, Bayboro, NC 28515. Or drop them off at the library.

For further information on how to donate, or for online donations please visit our website at www.pamlicofol.org/donate. If you have questions about donations, please email pamlicolibraryfriends@gmail.com.

Again, many thanks to all for making this dream a reality for the present and future generations of Pamlico County. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Friends of the Pamlico County Library

Officers Bonnie Cap, Mary Hiatt, Rich & Carolyn Bartz, Walter & Peg Vick, Jessie Aldridge, Izzy Keppner & Board Member Shelia Cantine

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