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Letters: Thanks to the Workers
Appreciation for the people making our town work
April 8, 2020

hile some self isolate, others continue to do the work that keeps our community running. Readers write in with thanks and suggestions on how to help.

Please think of our grocery store employees as first responders. If these people decided not to take the risk to them and their families of going to work we would all be in trouble! Take the time to thank them for continuing to be there for all of us and if you can spare it show your appreciation with a cash tip and a thank you.

Donald Oakley
Oriental, NC
April 8, 2020

It is heartening to see and to experience the helpful better nature of people that has arisen from the COVID-19 pandemic. Liz and I often have need for the kindness and concern from neighbors and friends during the situations that we all experience these days. Fortunately, our needs are not great and the “social distancing” has not been a serious hardship so far. Tasks such as yard upkeep, taking trash cans out for pickup or computer help that could be more difficult are helped by neighbors, friends and the Neuse Neighbors Network for which we are very grateful.

The letter to TownDock by Gary Mastrodonato offering advice about application for unemployment benefits available from the government to offset wages of those who have lost their jobs due to the crisis is very welcome to many people in the area. Addition of help with applying for weekly benefits from the State of North Carolina is also available to any who ask. Luckily we have not been affected in this way but it is great to know that help is readily available to those who have been impacted by necessary reactions taken to combat and lessen health effects of this virus that is so serious for those attacked by it. While Gary has been very helpful in watching out for our financial concerns for many years, as small as they may be, he is willing to offer his help in tasks that could be confusing for many in or near Oriental that need it.

Billy Flockhart at the Piglet and other local businesses and restaurants that are able to remain open, or partially open, have adopted strategies to aid those who are unable to journey out in public in supplying their needs during this time of crisis.

Tom and Liz Lathrop
Oriental, NC
April 8, 2020

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