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Letters: The Spandrel Says Goodbye
Condo association rules against business
September 11, 2019

he Spandrel is a one person massage practice in Oriental, operated by massage therapist Amy Tankersley. Since opening this summer, Amy has received rave reviews for her massage work.

Her massage therapy practice is closing this week.

Readers are writing in about the loss of the business. Amy’s original letter appears at the end.

The loss of our newest massage therapist, Amy Tankersley, is heartbreaking. Her business had the potential to increase our tourism by offering a service many travelers look for on vacation. What a great added bonus for our hotels and B&Bs to offer travelers. A loss like this filters down to all of our businesses including restaurants, shops, guides, marinas, Real Estate companies and more.

This is also a loss for our community. Our one massage therapist stays booked for weeks to months in advance. It is my understanding she welcomed the additional therapist because this service helps strengthen the health and well-being of our community.

It is unfortunate the homeowner association and this business/homeowner could not work out a mutually agreeable solution knowing the homeowners have already made exceptions to their rules. Regardless of the controversy, I truly wish we could find a solution to keep such a positive and well respected business in our community!

Angie Propst
Oriental, NC

I do not know the details behind this decision. I do know I will miss Amy’s amazing massages. The Spandrel was often why I came into town, then stopped at the Bean, picked up items at The Provision Company, browsed at Nautical Wheelers. Great businesses help each other and the entire community. “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

Meera Alexander
Oriental & Raleigh, NC

Dear Client-Friends,

In compliance with the demand of the Board of Directors of the School House Condominium Association, Amy and I are heartbroken to tell you that we must shut down The Spandrel.

Last Thursday as Hurricane Dorian approached, we received a registered letter from the School House Condominium Association Board of Directors demanding we cease and desist practicing massage therapy from our condo.

When we moved to Oriental last year, we bought the lot at the corner of South Avenue and Neuse Drive with every intention of building a house there. However, when we discovered the condo for sale and learned from Katy Pugh, the then owner, that the board of directors had approved use of the condo for her group health coaching practice, we gladly changed course to create what you now know as The Spandrel.

To this day, we do not understand and have not been given any explanation as to why Katy was allowed to conduct a group health coaching practice here but Amy can not see an average of less than 2 clients per day 3.5 days a week. It is absolutely wrong and the entire manner in which the board has dealt with the matter has been deplorable. Since opening our doors in June, we have helped clients dealing with the challenges of arthritis, cancer, fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s disease, the aftermath of broken bones and other surgical procedures as well as those coping with death, anxiety and depression. Personal feelings aside, being forced to close The Spandrel is a huge loss for the well-being of this community.

This is certainly a matter that we could spend lots of time and money arguing legally if we needed. But we do not need to and will not as a matter of principle.

As most of you know, Amy previously worked at Blackberry Farm for a number of years. When we moved to Oriental, Blackberry was in the process of creating a new venue, Blackberry Mountain that opened its doors in February. After contacting them, they are welcoming her return with open arms. To be very candid and honest, after this experience, we need to be in a place that values and appreciates what we bring to the community.

As a result, we have closed our appointment schedule. If you already have an appointment on the books, we will provide the service. We will also refund all outstanding gift certificates you have purchased.

It has been a true honor and privilege to meet and work with each and every one of you. Thank you for your support, encouragement and trust. We wish you well,

Amy & Dan Tankersley
Oriental, NC
September 10, 2019

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