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Letters: What's the Plan, Town Board?
Lack of drainage on village roads
July 26, 2022

ake a walk in the village after it rains and you’ll notice the roads holding water. Return a few hours later, and it’s still there.

It’s an ongoing problem in the heart of Oriental, one that has been brought up in Town Board meetings again and again over the years. Town Commissioners have ordered surveys, engineering studies, and listed out the roads most in need of repair. S. Water Street and the surrounding roads are on that list, but have been bumped down in priority time and again.

Oriental resident Bill Reid writes in wanting to know why the roads were allowed to get in their current condition and when they will be fixed.

All of these were taken within one block of my house on Main Street [after a storm]. Underneath the pools of water are holes from broken or damaged pavement.

Some of these holes were created by poor quality repair work done by the county sewer authority contractor. Others originated from long term wear and tear coupled with lack of town maintenance. Two questions: why did the town allow the shoddy sewer work to stand? Why has there been no routine maintenance? Although I am most familiar with my little patch, I am reasonably sure this is not an uncommon problem in the village.

Many people who visit Oriental come to ride their bikes or walk around and look at the old, turn of the century houses and the river views. Visitors are important to Oriental. The village is the jewel in the crown that is Oriental. If we are serious about attracting visitors, the Old village should sparkle. Most of us in the village take pride in our houses, why doesn’t the town do it’s job?

Some of the board members will tell you, “Oh, there is no money”. Why not? Why isn’t there a fund established to maintain the roads? If there isn’t a fund, is there a list of priorities? Where is the plan? Quit kicking the can down the road and do your job!

Bill Reid
Oriental, NC
July 15, 2022

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