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Letters: Please Park Your Boat
It's just a few days now
March 29, 2020

he Whittaker Creek dredging will end Tuesday at midnight. The CAMA permits says all work must be complete by March 31. King Dredging has been reporting to Town Hall that passing boats are slowing down progress of the dredging.

Reader Harrison Evatt writes in with his thoughts:

Dear Editor,

This is a public plea to all boaters to please stop transiting the Whittaker Creek channel during the dredging. Through the generous financial donations of the community and the grant money for the dredging, this much needed project is underway at last. It has to be finished by the end of March as per the CAMA permit. Think about the problems and delays you are causing by interfering with the dredge. If they cannot finish on time, navigating the channel will remain a problem and the funds will have been wasted and possibly not available again. I’m sure the dredging crew is working very hard to finish on time and the timeline is very tight. Their work was delayed through no fault of their own while the Town of Oriental waited for the permit. The dredging started within hours of the issuance of the permit. Please cooperate and let them do their job! Don’t add to their stress during these unusually stressful times. When they are finished, the benefits to the boating community will be appreciated by all.

Harrison Evatt
Greensboro, NC
S/V Circe

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